Fast Moving Counterfeit Goods From China Found in India

For a long time FMCG was the abbreviation for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, also in India. But you might take the C to mean counterfeit, because an increasing amount of counterfeit healthcare, skin cremes, shampoos, toothpaste and cigarettes of famous Indian companies such as ITC (India’s second biggest FMCG) and Dabur (India’s fourth biggest FMCG) and are sold in India […]

Sword Is Going After The Counterfeit Source

“The Way of the Sword is from the beginning difficult to learn. Like a Dragon or Rainbow it is subtle and mysterious. Should it be used like a hacking Sabre,  the immortal Zhang Sanfeng die of laughter.“ Photo: Danny Friedmann Remember the campaign that started in November 2010 and will end until the end of […]

Reaction to Professor Navarro’s China Bashing: We Get What We Paid For

Due to the melamine scare many Chinese parents buy milk powder in foreign supermarkets; such as Walmart, or in Hong KongPhoto Danny Friedmann July last year I posted a blog about professor Peter Navarro who questioned whether profit making is the only goal of Chinese counterfeiters, read here. Now IP Dragon likes provocative straight forward opinions […]

Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do. Now Do They?

God has strange lodgers Nick Squires reports for The Telegraph that 13 million pounds worth of counterfeit souvenirs was seized before the beautification of the late pope John Paul II. The products involved were ““family packs” of plastic rosaries which they said could be dangerous because they did not pass European safety standards.“ The assumption […]

IP Dragon Checks International Clothes Market in Beijing: “Waterbedding” Effect of Trademark Enforcement

Building of the International Clothes Market  While all eyes are fixed on Silk Market in Beijing, IP Dragon focuses its attention to the International Clothes Market in Beijing to check whether counterfeit apparel and bags were on sale. Let’s first take a look at the notorious Silk Market. Tim Smith of Rouse Beijing sent his intern Dominic […]

Polo Santa Roberta Shop Closed in Mongkok: Shirts Still On Sale at Ladies Market

No longer is there a Polo Santa Roberta shop in Mong Kok. The Hong Kong police Customs cracked down on it. However, if you walk through the Ladies’ Market ( 女人街) you can easily spot the Polo Santa Roberta shirts. However, I could not detect any traces of the “original” mix of copying the Burberry […]

Paradox of Strong Brands in China: Cause And Cure of Counterfeiting

If you have a strong brand, chances are that your trademark will be counterfeited in China. The counterfeiter can simply manufacture unauthorised copies of a popular brand: no developing costs, no marketing costs, and certainty about the demand. Then again chances are very slim that a company with a strong brand will counterfeit your trademark. […]

IP Dragon Book Review: Poorly Made In China

Paul Midler‘s book Poorly Made in China is remarkable. He not only wrote a first hand account of the challenges companies face when they manufacture their products in China, but did it in a lucid, literary style, something you would not expect given the prosaic character of the subject. How exciting can the production of […]

Another Mass IPR Campaign in China: Groundhog Day All Over Again

China’s Ministry of Culture announced that it has launched an IPR campaign that cracks down on counterfeit products and needs to raise awareness about IPR protection. It focuses on karaoke bars, websites, online-games, internet cares, animation and artistic products. Read the Xinhua article via People’s Daily Online here. Sounds familiar As you might have already […]

Uncreative Brand, Creative Brand in China

Uncreative Brand In Yangshuo, next to Guilin, Guangxi province, you can see one of the most characteristic mountains of China. But if you bike through the village, you will notice some interesting shops as well. Almost next to each other you can see a shop that embodies the old copycat mentality and one that characterises […]

CNBC: “The Most Profitable Criminal Enterprise: Counterfeit Goods”

CNBC presents “Crime Inc.: Counterfeit Goods,” presented by Carl Quintanilla will be aired July 14. “At around 7% of all global trade, Counterfeit Goods are a big business with low overhead. It makes too much money to go away any time soon.” UPDATE, Friday July 30, 2010: Lies, damn lies and statistics. Felix Salmon could […]

Chinese Counterfeit Cisco Products Because of Profit Seeking Or State Sponsored Cyber Terrorism?

After ‘Cisco Raider/Operation Network Raider‘ about counterfeit Cisco Systems router products which originate from China, Professor Peter Navarro poses the question whether the intention was only profit seeking by unscrupulous Chinese counterfeiters, or whether these products are trojan horses that are designed to make the US defense more vulnerable to state sponsored cyberterrorism. Professor Navarro […]

In The Year of The Tigger: What Makes A Real Winnie The Pooh?

How to tell real from fake? On top: real Winnie the Pooh, including a laser hologram of Walt Disney. Below: fake Winnie the Pooh, without a laser hologram of Walt Disney. The counterfeit one is on offer in Wanchai, Hong Kong for 30 HK dollar (about 3 euro) and is tailor made for Chinese new […]

Business Prof Navarro: “China’s Advantage Comes From 5 Mercantilist Trade Practices”

Business Professor Peter Navarro of the University of California-Irvine, lashed out in 2008 at China Inside Out (ABC), a documentary by Bob Woodruff about China’s influence in Angola, Brazil, Cambodia and the US, because it allegedly paints a too nice picture of China. In his critique Professor Navarro wanted to debunk ‘cheap labour’ as the […]

IP Dragon 知識產權龍 in “Sin City” (阿姆斯特丹)

Yes, people in Amsterdam can buy sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. And some do. But do they buy counterfeit products? That is the question IP Dragon asked ad random people in the centre of Amsterdam (阿姆斯特丹) in the Summer of 2009 (no respresentative survey was done due to time restrictions). So what do you […]

Good Old Days of Counterfeiting in Hong Kong?

Adrian Burden of No to Fakes interviewed Sarah McCartney, the writer of the book Fake Factor. Sarah McCartney: “A couple of decades ago people could only buy fakes if they went abroad for them. Part of the fun of visiting Hong Kong was coming back with a fake luxury watch that you’d got by going […]

Fake iPhones: Rip-off or Innovation

iPhone in relation to China is in the news again. Stan Abrams of China Hearsay wrote about the alleged looming problems with Apple’s iPhone trademark in China, see here. And then I was interviewed by Sophie Pilgrim of France 24, the French BBC so to say, about a video by MacMedics and about iPhones, counterfeiting […]

IP Dragon’s Worldwide Review of Seizures and Measures Against Counterfeit and Pirated Goods Originating from China

This article will be a work in progress, because everytime I will come across news about a country that seized counterfeit or pirated goods originating from China I will add the link, so that a worldwide overview will emerge. If you find articles about activities against infringed goods from China in exotic places (or if […]

Faustian Pact Anno 2009: Receive Counterfeit Products, Lose Your Soul

You might have seen the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada‘. A more empirical title could be ‘The Devil Sells fake Prada’. Research conducted by Duke and MIT professor Dan Ariely (author of Predictably Irrational) found out that owning a counterfeit product significantly corrupts your morality. Jennifer Lee wrote for the NYT: “In one of his […]

Interview with Mr Joseph Simone About Which Steps The US Could Take in regard to IPR in China

IP Dragon’s Danny Friedmann asked foreign registered lawyer and IPR in China specialist Mr Joseph Simone of Baker & McKenzie in Hong Kong about which course of action the US could take after the decision, WTO DS 362 Report, by the dispute settlement panel on United States’ complaint against “China — Measures affecting the protection […]

AMP: “Economic Crisis Should Make German Government Act More Aggressively Against Counterfeiters”

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) interviewed Mr Rüdiger Stihl, chairman of the Aktionskreises gegen Produkt- und Markenpiraterie (APM). The resulting article at the site of N24 (in German) gives a good overview of the damages that are caused by counterfeit products originating from China (for 75 percent) and Turkey (10 percent) and the measures that APM is […]

Electric Guitar Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition Makes Itself Heard Against Beijing Infringers

IP Dragon welcomes a new organisation that will fight the manufacturers of and traders in counterfeit guitars. The Electric Guitar Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (EGACC), founded by four guitar manufacturers; Ibanez, Gretsch, Fender and Paul Reed Smith, in March 2008 and will lobby government authorities to enforce their intellectual property laws better against counterfeiting. Gear-Vault broke the […]

US Customs Seizure Statistics 2008: “China number one, India number two and Hong Kong number three counterfeit producer”

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and U.S. Customs Enforcement divisions of Homeland Security gives some statistics about the numbers, characteristics and origins of counterfeit goods seized in the U.S. in 2008.IPR seizures of goods from China rose 40 % by value in 2008. Footwear from China accounts for almost 96% of all […]

All Clichés But Still True: Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement in China Leaves Room For Improvement

France24 reports in a 2 minutes 51 seconds video (from April 2008) about the rampant violations of IPR in China and the insufficient measures to tackle the problem. One big déjà vu all over again… We see the familiar in this short video: the inevitability of a visual spectacle of destruction of counterfeit DVDs; a […]

“Eli Lilly Lobbies on Counterfeiting And Regulatory Issues Involving China”

Eli Lilly, a US drugmaker, lobbied for 3.3 million dollar in the third quarter of 2008 on issues, which include counterfeiting problems and regulatory reform in China, according to the Associated Press. Read the AP article via the site of Forbes here.

Who Won The IPR Dispute At The WTO Between China and the US?

Remember April 10, 2007, when the US brought claims against China at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) for allegedly violating the TRIPs Agreement because of unsufficient IPR enforcement (DS 362) and lack of market access (DS 363)? Read here. Mr Jonathan Lynn reports about DS 362 for Reuters that sources at the WTO have said […]

Adidas Execs Don’t Acknowledge Chinese Counterfeit Problem

Ms Mei Fong wrote an interesting article in the WSJ about Adidas’ efforts to become the number one in China by locating their biggest store there. Interestingly Ms Fong noticed the following: “Locating its biggest store in the world’s biggest counterfeit market could be a challenge for Adidas, but it isn’t one that its executives […]

Olympic Torch Tanzania Brings Protests Against … Chinese Counterfeit Products

BBC News has every day the news ‘In Pictures‘. Today picture six of this item showed the Olympic Torch “in peaceful Tanzania relay”. There were protests, however not against human rights violations in T 1b ET, but against counterfeit and substandard products from China, no less. If the protest messages give any clue the protest […]

Counterfeit iPhones Smuggled Outside China; Genuine iPhone Smuggled Back Into China

Stop the press! Although also iClones (fake iPhones) exit China to Europe and the US, read here, also genuine iPods manufactured in China for/by Apple are exported abroad. There is a lack of the real thing in China, so the price people want to pay for it rises. Enter smugglers of genuine iPhones, that bring […]

Africa Preferred Route Chinese Counterfeits To Europe

Thailand is the preferred route into Asia for counterfeit and pirated goods originating from China, read here. Now IP Dragon learned from Jeremy Phillips, known from the renowned IP Kat, but also contributor to the new blog Afro-IP who is quoting Christophe Zimmermanna, head of the Brussels-based World Customs Organisation’s counterfeiting and piracy unit, that […]

Daniel Chow: Link Between Counterfeiting and Organised Crime

Jeffrey Sheban wrote a good article entitled ‘In the land of counterfeit’ for The Columbus Dispatch in which the link between counterfeiting and organised crime is suggested. He quotes Ohio State University law professor Mr Daniel C.K. Chow, who spent two years in China leading anti-counterfeiting efforts for the consumer products giant Procter & Gamble. […]

Reaction to Shaun Rein: Consumers Not Always Fake It ‘Till They Can Make It

Shaun Rein of China Market Research Group wrote an interesting article ‘How to Win the China Piracy Battle’ for BusinessWeek, see here. Mr. Rein asserts: If a company wants to have success in China, in the face of counterfeit and piracy challenges, it has to focus on economics, instead of enforcing IP law and morality. […]

New Technology for Old Wines Against Counterfeit Bottles

“In China and Vietnam, you find more counterfeit than authentic bottles,” Serge Tchekhov said in a phone interview with Elin McCoy of Bloomberg. In order to fight counterfeit wines winemakers are considering to deploy new technologies such as RFID, now that holograms obviously are replicated too easily by counterfeiters, see Genuine Fake Holograms From China […]

If it Looks Like a Hummer, Sounds Like a Hummer, Drinks Like a Hummer …

An anonymous writer of Washington Wire of the Wall Street Journal quoted US vice-president Dick Cheney saying: “I remember being over there once, meeting with a group of American businessmen in Shanghai….” the vice president said. And they were telling me about a company that manufactures the Hummer…only it’s not General Motors. It’s a local […]

Fake Mengniu Milk Found in Beijing Wholesale Markets

During an inspection by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce Yanqing Branch, 200 boxes of fake Mengniu milk have been discovered at some wholesale markets in Beijing. Mengniu is the official sponsor of the National Basketball Assocation in China. Instead of milk the boxes consisted of a mixture of water and chemical substances […]

Genuine Fake Holograms From China

Marty Graham wrote an article about counterfeited holograms for Wired News. Graham explains that as the counterfeited products increase in value, the sooner counterfeited holograms are added to fake genuineness of the products. The technology to copy holograms has been diffused around the world. So counterfeiters can either copy it themselves, buy it from hologram […]

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Warns Against Counterfeit Circuit Breaks, Viagra and Shampoo

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) warned against several counterfeit products from China, Russia and Pakistan causing health and safety risks, reports Robers Fife for CTV. Some of the counterfeit products have high levels of the wrong ingredient: Viagra knock-offs with road paint as a colouring agant and Brick dust as a binding agent. Or […]

Anticipated Supreme People’s Court Decision in Counterfeit Case Between Montresor and Ferrero

David Eimar reports for The Independent about the much anticipated Supreme People’s Court ruling next month between Montresor’s Tresor Dore and Ferrero Rocher. Eimar points out a salient aspect of the case: “Tresor Dore, a popular Chinese brand of chocolates wrapped in gold-coloured paper and presented in the same heart-shaped box as Ferrero Rocher’s confectionery, […]

Counterfeiters Prevent Other Counterfeiters From Copying Them

Melinda Liu of Newsweek went to Yaxiu shopping mall in Beijing to get a first hand experience of the IPR infringement problem the new “strategic economic dialogue” between China and the United States, among other things such as the US trade surplus, should help solve. The U.S. delegation, headed by U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, […]

Counterfeit Goods and Piracy Segment 2005 in Numbers: The Overview

Douglas (aka Dog McFly) sent me an email pointing out the site of Havoscope. This site shows China’s share in market value of counterfeit and piracy goods, here, based on the numbers of the Quality Brands Protection Committee and the China Publication Science Institute. Plus it gives many online sources to show China’s internet piracy. […]

Counterfeit Spelling Contest How To Write ….

Philips. China is warming up relations with the African continent. One side effect is the growth in Chinese counterfeit products. Oskar Himmelreich made a nice picture in Kumasi, Ghana, August 2006 of a counterfeit mixer of the Dutch multinational with two LL’s and sent it to IP Dragon. Thanks a lot Oskar.