Polo For the People

“Everybody was Kung Fu fighting  playing polo” After ‘Marco Polo Hiuui‘ and ‘Polo Santa Roberta‘ in Hong Kong there is another Polo clone in Wangfujiang 王府井 Dajie 大街 , the busy shopping avenue of Beijing, called Polo Villae. The logo is a polo player shown from the right side of the polo pony. I am sure that […]

Why Could Polo Ralph Lauren/Burberry Clone Get Trademark In Hong Kong?

The outdoor advertisement of Polo Santa Roberta no longer has theBurberry tartan pattern background “Buy one get one free” Is this what luxury goods manufacturers such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Burberry want to be associated with?  Here you can see the ® of registered trademark on the promotional poster Still Polo Santa Roberta bags use […]

Polo Santa Roberta Shop Closed in Mongkok: Shirts Still On Sale at Ladies Market

No longer is there a Polo Santa Roberta shop in Mong Kok. The Hong Kong police Customs cracked down on it. However, if you walk through the Ladies’ Market ( 女人街) you can easily spot the Polo Santa Roberta shirts. However, I could not detect any traces of the “original” mix of copying the Burberry […]

Marco Polo Hiuui: Knock-off Of Knock-off = Knock-off Square

Recently IP Dragon reported about Polo Santa Roberta, an “original” knock-off of Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand and Burberry tartan pattern. However, when IP Dragon was taking a stroll down his Mong Kok neighbourhood, he learned that the knockoff is not so “original” after all. Marco Polo Hiuui is doing the same thing: mixing the Polo […]

Polo Santa Roberta “Original” Mix of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Brand And Burberry Tartan Pattern

Spotted today in Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Hong Kong: a shop with bags that carry the brand Polo Santa Roberta. Sounds very similar to the brand of Ralph Lauren; Polo and it looks very similar to the tartan pattern of Burberry.

Ai-ah! Another knock-off using the same ingredients: see Marco Polo Hiuui, here.

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