Why Go Undercover If You Can See Counterfeits in the Bright Light of Guangdong

“Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants”, as judge Louis D. Brandeis (Supreme Court of the U.S. from 1916-1939) is quoted. But what if some of the government officials in society wear sunglasses?



Last year around this time I went to Dong Men in Shenzhen, which is part of Guangdong Province. And without any problem I could make photos of how an external disk drive became an Apple disk drive, never mind that Apple does not produce any external disk drives, see here. A year later the same phenomenon can be observed in the open.
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Key IP Question Before Considering Joint-Venture: Am I Educating My Future Competitor Or Building A Long-Term Partnership?

Colin Davies, managing director of Accenture Software, wrote a column for China Daily European Weekly (always asking whether the content is not usable for the Chinese edition) about ways that will make a better cooperation between Chinese and Western software companies possible: “The West will need greater assurances that the regulatory environment is friendly and […]

Netac President Complains About Unequal Treatment Overseas Patents

Netac Technology, the first Chinese company that sued a U.S. company (Texas PNY Technologies)  for patent infringement in 2006, and which settled out of court, expects that it has protected its IPR in all important markets by 2015. Cheng Xiao-hua, president of Netac Technology alleges that it often takes a Chinese firm much longer to obtain […]

Canton Fair Tries To Become More Fair In IPR Protection, Problems Remain

By Michiel Tjoe-Awie Canton Fair is the biggest show on earth. It shows more kinds of products then one can think off and is also known as “The” China Import and Export Fair. But for many manufacturers the fair comes with a dilemma. “Yes”, they want to sell their products to the world. But in […]

IPO Candidate Tudou Is Building Its Patent Portfolio For Future Growth, Promoting Chinese Creativity

With 90.1 million registered users,  Tudou 土豆, which means potato,  is no small potato.  The site for investors ‘Seeking Alpha’ gives an analysis of the Chinese online video site Tudou.com 土豆网 (for which they use the symbol TUDO) in relation to its competitors, before it is going for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) at NASDAQ Stock Exchange […]

Must Read Monday: Bye Bye Shanzhai, Hello Mainstream Smartphones

Photo: Close EncountersTo Migrate or not. A wildebeest‘s dilemma:“Starvation if I stay, or risk of being eaten by a crocodile if I go“ Shen Jingting wrote an excellent article for China Daily about the epic migration taking place within the Shenzhen mobile phone industry. Shen is distinguishing three phases:  Production of Shanzhai phones and focus on […]

One Out of Three Seeds in China Infringes Patents

Do you want patented rice with that? Zhou Siyou writes for the China Daily:  “An estimated 8,700 seed companies are operating in the Chinese market, but fewer than 100 have their own intellectual property rights. More than 90 percent of the companies are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)and have lower levels of research and technology. […]

How bright is Bright Sword?

Is the Force with mass campaigns? Are mass campaigns of intellectual property enforcement mere temporary patchwork, leaving untouched the underlaying problems? Most mass campaigns are still announced with starting date and expiration date. The only thing trademark counterfeiters and copyright pirates need to do is book a holiday and start after the campaign is over, […]

What Is the Superlative of Contributory Liability?… Local State Supervision Liability?

Managing IP magazine, had a link to an interesting China Daily article, see here in which a State Administration for Radio Film and Television (SARFT) official was quoted as saying that it is “working on the establishment of an internet audio-visual programs industry association (..)”. The application has been submitted and it now waiting approval […]

Prepositions in China Product Labels Tell It All: Good Bye Country of Origin, Hello Country of Destination

1 articles to go: IP Dragon on its way to its 1,000th article The world is flat according to Thomas Friedman, and therefore the determination of the country of origin of most products is becoming more complex. So what should be put on the product labels? Below a short history.Made in ChinaThe probability that any […]

China Launched 10-Year National Patent Development Strategy

During the 4th China Patent Week China launched the National Patent Development Strategy (2011-2020). The strategy focuses on: International cooperation in patent protection and utilisation; preferential policies to encourage R&D by high-tech companies, research institutes and colleges; Overseas IP websites so that foreign companies can check patent info; Establishment of organisations for patent trading in […]

Don’t Feed The Patent Trolls in China and Start Your Own IP Team

Tian Lipu, commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) visited Samsung, according to the China Daily. Mr Tian was told by the Keun-Hee Park, president of Samsung’s operations in China that patent trolls were on the rise. One can argue that a patent troll, or more neutrally called a non-practising entity (NPE) abuses its […]

Symbolic IPR Enforcement and Bonfire of the Vanities

Zhang Jiawei reported for the China Daily about China’s efforts to destroy pirated goods and raise awareness among the public. China destroyed 36 million copies of pirated and illegal publications in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, the Guangming Daily reported. A total of 15 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities each destroyed more than 1 […]

News From The Front Lines

Guest article and picture by Mikołaj Rogowski Writing that the all-front global IPR war between the owners and the infringers is well underway might sound a bit of a truism so I will simply skip to the notable news from the trenches. Chinese government owned China Daily and Taiwanese China Post both have some worth […]