Music in China Business Model: Life Without Oxygen Possible?

6 articles to go: IP Dragon on its way to its 1000th article NASA discovered that life can exist even without the 6 building blocks that were presumed crucial; carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur, read here. In the same vain the music industry thought for a long time that their only way of […]

News From The Front Lines

Guest article and picture by Mikołaj Rogowski Writing that the all-front global IPR war between the owners and the infringers is well underway might sound a bit of a truism so I will simply skip to the notable news from the trenches. Chinese government owned China Daily and Taiwanese China Post both have some worth […]

Grim audits of EU-China Relations – IPR to the rescue?

Guest article by Mikołaj Rogowski Dragons Nightmare, an article from the last month’s edition of The Economist drew a rather pessimistic picture of the European Union – China relations landscape.  According to The Economist the EU is a tough spot. The Economist argues that currently the conflicting policies of the member states are far from rising […]

“A new dawn for the China health-care or… Grand theft IP?”

Guest article and picture by Mikołaj Rogowski Back in January, Chinese government announced another one of its subsidies. This time around public health-care is the target and a sum of $128 billion is the weapon. It is no secret that it is another of Beijing’s measures of calming the nation during the year of the […]