Demystifying Intellectual Property Rights With Professor David Llewelyn

Professor Llewelyn before a scholarly audience, including professor Barton Beebe on the right



Professor David Llewelyn’s latest presentation did not miss to resonate with a scholarly audience. The earlier presentations IP Dragon attended included the highly relevant topic such as “Leveraging your IP” and testified an ability to clarify in a concise way, such as explaining all IP in one hour.  This time professor Llewelyn spoke at the ‘Charting the New Frontiers of Intellectual Property Protection of Luxury Brands’, June 16, 2012 at HKU.



IPR is getting too complex

As the last speaker of the day professor Llewelyn gave his view unapologetically on the previous presentations which included a deluge of social theories:  “Veblen? Intellectual property rights are already too complex.”
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Independent Creation Valid Defense Against Copyright Infringement

Jonathan Mak, design student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design said that he did not rip-off the idea for the Apple tribute in which you can distinguish the silhouette of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Invisible Gold in Asia Facebook Page (set up by author of the book with the same name Professor David […]

Invisible Gold in Asia: Where The Book Ends The Community Takes Off

Professor David Llewelyn’s book Invisible Gold in China has its own Facebook page. As you probably know the characters for China are 中 (centre) and 国 (country): the country in the middle. On most Chinese maps the country is actually situated in the middle of the world. Yes, China is an important country in all respects, […]

Seminar announcement “Management and Commercialisation of Intellectual Property”

The Faculty of Law of University of Hong Kong presents an intensive course given by Professors David Llewelyn and Li Yahong on Management and Commercialisation of Intellectual Property Photo: Danny Friedmann Organised by LLM (IT & IPL) ProgrammeJune 14-25, 2011Venue: HKU Main CampusMore information you can find here.  .

Keep the May Calendar Free For IP events in Hong Kong and Macao

IP Dragon’s friend Anselm Kamerman Sanders of Maastricht University organised this time two interesting events in Hong Kong and Macao. The events are organised by the Institute for European Studies of Macau and Maastricht University Faculty of Law. For the Hong Kong leg it is co-organised by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Annual Professional […]

Greatest Start of the Year: Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2011 Singapore

The Global Forum on Intellectual Property (GFIP) 2011 in Singapore (6-7 January), a bi-annual event, was greater than ever before. It is clear Singapore is committed to becoming a IP hub. Over 95 professors and practitioners (lawyers, judges, inhouse counsels, business people), bloggers and readers who gave speeches about their reflections on the past, their […]

IP Dragon Blogging From Singapore at Global Forum on Intellectual Property

Raffles and Fairmont (Picture Danny Friedmann) Once every other year the IP Academy of Singapore handpicks IP experts and brings them all together at the Fairmont, opposite the Raffles Hotel at the Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2011. Professor David Llewelyn made an excellent line up of speakers and IP Dragon is very happy to […]

IP Dragon’s Book Review: Invisible Gold in Asia

Professor David Llewelyn (King’s College London and IP Academy, Singapore) wrote an exceptional book that will appeal to both laypeople and IP professionals. Although Invisible Gold in Asia does not aim to be a scholarly book (for example there are no footnotes), the book could not be written by a non-scholar. For laypeople the book […]

IP Dragon Speaks at 3rd Global Forum on Intellectual Property, Singapore, January 6 and 7, 2011

IP Dragon is very honored he is invited by the IP Academy of Singapore to speak at the 3rd Global Forum on Intellectual Property, Raffles City Convention Centre, on January 6 and 7, 2011. This years theme is very actual: “Turbulent Times: Onwards and Upwards for Intellectual Property?” I am very impressed by the learned […]

Professor Llewelyn’s Book Launched: ‘Invisible Gold in Asia: Creating Wealth Through Intellectual Property’

Professor Llewelyn’s new book just came out: ‘Invisible Gold in Asia: Creating Wealth Through Intellectual Property‘. If IP is the invisible gold in Asia, then Professor David Llewelyn is the alchemist of intangible property. Publisher Marshall Cavendish Business writes: “World competition in the 21st century will revolve around competition for intellectual property rights (IPRs). But […]

Professor Llewelyn: “Leverage Your IP Rights”

This Morning IP Dragon attended a breakfast seminar by Professor David Llewelyn (IP Academy of Singapore and Of Counsel at White & Case in Singapore). Even though it was quite early, many people interested in how to maximise the use of IP did show up at the office of White & Case in Central, Hong […]

Professor David Llewlyn Explained All IPRs in One Hour

IP Dragon was attending yesterday evening the very inspiring lecture of Professor David Llewelyn at the University of Hong Kong, about the importance of intellectual property rights for not only experts, but everybody. Professor Llewelyn made clear that the lecture was a public lecture meant for non-experts; the normal consumers; and put experts and expertise […]

Professor Llewelyn Asks Rhetorical Question About IPRs: “Too Important to Leave to the Lawyers?”

Tonight, IP Dragon is looking forward to attend the lecture of Professor David Llewelyn about the relevancy of Intellectual Property Rights for everybody. “As Premier Wen Jiabao has been saying since 2004, world competition in the 21st century will revolve around competition for intellectual property rights (IPRs). But what are these rights, what can you […]