Demystifying Intellectual Property Rights With Professor David Llewelyn

Professor Llewelyn before a scholarly audience, including professor Barton Beebe on the right



Professor David Llewelyn’s latest presentation did not miss to resonate with a scholarly audience. The earlier presentations IP Dragon attended included the highly relevant topic such as “Leveraging your IP” and testified an ability to clarify in a concise way, such as explaining all IP in one hour.  This time professor Llewelyn spoke at the ‘Charting the New Frontiers of Intellectual Property Protection of Luxury Brands’, June 16, 2012 at HKU.



IPR is getting too complex

As the last speaker of the day professor Llewelyn gave his view unapologetically on the previous presentations which included a deluge of social theories:  “Veblen? Intellectual property rights are already too complex.”
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Protection of Trademarks in China Is Not Problematic, Prof. Peter K. Yu Explains Why

Saturday IP Dragon was at the conference ‘Charting the New Frontiers of Intellectual Property Protection of Luxury Brands’ organised by the University of Hong Kong. Professor Peter K. Yu of Drake University Law School, Des Moines in Iowa, U.S., gave an insightful presentation on some of the complexities of counterfeiting in China.



Already in 2005 Ernst & Young suggested that the luxury industry in China would first grow 20% per year and between 2008 and 2015 with 10% until sales would exceed 11.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 and “Chinese consumers could be as influential as the Japanese and account for 29% of all global luxury goods purchases. A temporary obstacle seems to be counterfeiting.
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