China’s global patent docket

The People’s Daily reports that in 2010 China filed 6,552 invention patent applications at the USPTO, 2,049 at the European Patent Office, 1,001 at the Japan Patent Office and 496 at the Korean Intellectual Property Office. IP Komodo had some research done a while back on Asian emerging markets which showed that China was consistently […]

Mickey, Pokémon and Dooly Still Banned From Chinese Prime Time TV

September 30 to October 5, 2010, the second China International Animation Copyright Fair will be held in China’s animation capital Dongguan, Guangdong province. Read an article by Tan Jing for News Guangdong here. In 2010 foreign animations, such as Mickey Mouse (US), Pokemon (Japan) and Dooly (South Korean) have substantial mature industries, are still banned […]

Working Group Must Protect Against Flood of Chinese IPR Infringements of Japanese Products

Mainichi Daily News reports that Japan and the People’s Republic of China have set up a working group to address intellectual property challenges. This Sunday the working group (which consists of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Ministry and Chinese Ministry of Commerce and other institutions) will probably meet for the first time. Read […]

China and ACTA: Why Is The Problem Not Made Part Of The Solution?

Medio December 2008 IP Dragon wrote about the controversial genesis of the China-less Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) by Japan and the US (joined by Australia, Canada, the European Union, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Switzerland) whose goal it is to stem the tide of counterfeit and pirated goods that originate for […]

81.5 percent of Counterfeit Products in Japan originates from China

The Japan Times is running (and probably translated) Kyodo News’ article which is quoting Japan’s Finance Ministry saying that 81.5 percent of counterfeit products come from China. Japan’s 9 customs houses handled 26,415 cases of fake imported goods in 2008, up 16.6 percent from 2007 and the seventh consecutive record; Cases linked to China (excluding […]

Japanese Companies Can Register Chinese Copyights in Japan: save 50 percent time

Copyright is an automatic right, which arises when it is created. (because of the ‘no formalities provision’ of the article 5 (2) Berne Convention). However you can register your copyright with China’s National Copyright Administration, which can be helpful to establish prima face evidence, for example ownership. If companies outside China opted for registering their […]

Japan Sake Brewers’ Hangover After Chinese Trademark Squatting

Japanese sake and shochu brewers that want to start exporting to China were not amused when they found out that their brands have been registered by Chinese trademark squatters, that want to sell the trademarks to the Japanese brewers, especially since 2004. The Yomiuri Shimbun writes: “.. of the 25 liquor trademarks used by Japanese […]

Transitional Review Mechanism of China’s TRIPs Implementations Q&A Copyright Law

When China became the 143rd Member of the WTO on December 2001, it automatically entered into TRIPs, which is an integral part of the WTO Agreement. Upon accession to the WTO, China agreed (see Section 18 of the Protocol on the Accession of the People’s Republic of China WT/L/432) that the first eight years its […]

Japan On Chinese trade marks of Japanese Locations: “Can’t Touch This”

The Japanese Patent Office declared it wants to stop Chinese companies registering Japanese geographical locations as trade marks. “The two languages share many characters and Japan’s Kyodo news agency said thenames of 19 of the country’s 47 prefectures including Kyoto, Nagano and Yamaguchi had been registered as trademarks in China by the end of last […]

Update WTO IPR and Market Access Case Against China, And What Has Antigua To Do With It?

On April 10 the US requested consultations for two, interrelated, WTO cases: DS362 China – Measures affecting the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights DS363 China – Measures affecting trading rights and distribution services for certain publications and audiovisual entertainment products These cases are interrelated, because market access is a contributory factor to intellectual […]

EU Will Not Support US WTO Piracy Case: Good Cop Approach

The EU is not joining the US in filing formal complaints at the WTO in Geneva against China for inadequate copyright and trademark rights enforcement. Although the EU agrees with the WTO case against China in substance, it is not willing to burn its fingers, anxious for economical retaliations. Ben Blanchard of the Guardian Unlitited […]

China Outspends Japan in Innovation; IP in China Will Profit

Stan Abrams, Lehman, Lee and Xu lawyer and writer of China Hearsay, wrote an article about China’s newest milestone: that it outspends Japan in research and development. It is expected IP protection and enforcement in China will profit most. Rightly so, because self interest is one of the best motivators. Read Abrams article here.