Majority of Online Copyright Infringers Encourage Chinese Government to Step up Protection

On May 3, 2012, the China Youth Daily did a survey under 17,576 respondents about their conduct and perception in regard to copyright protection.     Results survey:      92.7 percent of respondents admitted they had bought or used pirated goods themselves; 86 percent of respondents hope the government steps up copyright protection; 65.9 percent […]

Analysis of the 2011 Supreme People’s Court White Paper

April 19, 2012, the Supreme People’s Court issued a white paper on intellectual property protection by Chinese people’s courts in 2011.  IP Dragon has made an analysis of the the 64 page document. The white paper makes the growth of the case load (from around 5,000 cases in 2001 to almost 60,000 cases) in the […]

Whitebook on IP Protection in 2010: Is White the New Black?

Photo Danny Friedmann A: “Milestones of the past  don’t equal  beacons to the future”  B: “That is so 2010!“ The 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015) has already started but its interesting to see what happened during the last year of the 11th Five Year Plan (2006-2010). If you don’t know your history, you don’t know […]

Reptilian reportage

IP Komodo may have a forked tongue, but he speaks the IP truth! He has trawled this weeks China IP news and the hottest topic appears to be sightings of IP Dragon, with fiery tongue, sighted in the vicinity and very unamused by IP Komodo’s blogjacking. IP Komodo may need to beat a hasty return […]

Civil IP litigation statistics in China

China is famous for its enthusiastic production of statistics and IP is no exception. Chinese civil court IP cases are often touted as evidence of the growing sophistication of the Chinese IP legal system. Below are some published numbers for civil IP cases: Year – No. of IP cases2006 – 16,7082007 – 20,2652008 – 28,2172009 […]

USCBC Members’ Perception: Progress of IPR Enforcement in China Marginal

The US-China Business Council (USCBC) released the 2010 Member Priorities Survey Results. Top 10 concerns cited by USCBC member companies: 1. Human resources: talent recruitment and retention (tie) 1. Administrative licensing, business, and product approvals (tie) 1. Competition with state-owned enterprises (tie) 4. Intellectual property rights enforcement 5. Cost increases 6. Market access in services […]

More Chinese Trademarks More Vehicles of Innovation = More Innovation?

China Hearsay’s Stan Abrams takes a critical look at statistics about trademark registrations in China. He is rightly filleting the alleged relationship between increased trademark registrations and a growing awareness of trademark protection among Chinese entreprises, read more here. However it could be said that the growth of trademark registrations in China would indicate two […]

CNBC: “The Most Profitable Criminal Enterprise: Counterfeit Goods”

CNBC presents “Crime Inc.: Counterfeit Goods,” presented by Carl Quintanilla will be aired July 14. “At around 7% of all global trade, Counterfeit Goods are a big business with low overhead. It makes too much money to go away any time soon.” UPDATE, Friday July 30, 2010: Lies, damn lies and statistics. Felix Salmon could […]

Would You Tell A Stranger On The Phone Whether You Have Pirated Software?

China Daily has an optimistic article about the declining software piracy rates in China. At least according to a survey by commissioned by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The surveys were done by phone and one can question the reliability of the answers. Even though the anonymity of the respondents might be […]

Seventy Percent of US Business in China Values Protection of IP Critically Or Very Important

The American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham-China) launched its 2010 Business Climate Survey Report. It seems here too the climate is heating up. IP relevant results are: In 2009 18 percent (company sample size 311) reported intellectual property rights infringements issues as a top-five business challenge. In 2010 this has grown to 19 percent […]

Almost One Million Patent Applications in China in 2009

China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) reports the following statistics: 976,686 patent applications (up 17.9%) 877,611 domestic (89.9% and up 22.4%) 99,075 from abroad (10.1%, down 10.9%) 229,096 invention-patents (up 17.7%) 308,861 utility model-patents (up 37.9%) 339,654 design-patents (up 13.7%) 581,992 granted patents (up 41.2%) 501,786 patent granted to domestic filers (86.2%, up 42.4%) 80,206 […]

New Red Dawn in Patents: More Chinese than Foreign Companies Filed Chinese Invention Patents

Joff Wild of IAM Magazine has another great blog: ‘Major breakthrough for Chinese companies in the patenting stakes’ , read here. Mr Wild observes that according to SIPO’s statistics the first half of 2009 show that Chinese domestic companies filed more invention patents than foreign companies. In 2007 only 1 percent of all Chinese companies […]

EU Customs Report 2008 About IPR Enforcement Activities not IPR Infringements from China

Yesterday the European Commission Directorate-General Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD) published the ‘Report on EU Customs Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. Results at the European Border 2008’. On page 9 we find a crucial alinea, which disclaims the scope the report: “Although the overall amount of IPR infringing goods entering or leaving the EU […]

US Customs Seizure Statistics 2008: “China number one, India number two and Hong Kong number three counterfeit producer”

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and U.S. Customs Enforcement divisions of Homeland Security gives some statistics about the numbers, characteristics and origins of counterfeit goods seized in the U.S. in 2008.IPR seizures of goods from China rose 40 % by value in 2008. Footwear from China accounts for almost 96% of all […]

Mr Schwabach’s Essay Debunks Perception IP Piracy in China, But Remains Silent About IP Infringements In/From China

Aaron Schwabach wrote an well written and interesting essay called ‘Intellectual Property Piracy: Perception and Reality in China, the United States, and Elsewhere’. Find the pdf here. Mr Schwabach starts with the quote: “There is probably more misinformation about China than about any other country in the world”. That is hard to proof. But it […]

Cost of Piracy Overestimated Says OECD, Underestimated Says ICC

Steve Whitehouse of Thomson Financial reports about an unpublished Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) study which puts trade losses in 2005 at up to 200 billion US dollar, considerably lower than the 600 billion US dollars estimated by the International Chamber of Commerce. Read Whitehouse’s article via here. US officials estimate the […]

IPR: Overseas Parties Have 60 percent Success Rate at Beijing No.1 Intemediate People’s Court

Xie Chuanjiao of China Daily wrote the article International laws applied in local IPR cases, read here. Nothing new really, China has this obligation already since April 12, 1986 when it adopted its General Principles of Civil Law . When China became the 143rd member of the WTO on December 11, 2001, it automatically entered […]