Grading Chinese Provinces and Cities for IPR Protection But Not Enforcement Useful Exercise?

Danny Friedmann


The goal of the China IP Index is to “assess and analyze the different development status of intellectual property capacities in 31 provinces and municipalities of China through setting up a scientific, systematic and formal system.” The result, that only focuses on protection (namely application and registration) of IPRs and not on enforcement and excludes the whole category of copyright is claimed to be of “substantial significance”, by the researchers of the index here. Whether this is justified will be questioned after an overview of the ranking.
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Benchmarking China’s IPR Protection and Enforcement

In response to China’s umpteenth pledge to protect intellectual property, Mr Robert Holleyman, president of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) said: “We will know China has made real progress in reducing piracy only when software companies start seeing substantial increases in sales.” Read Sewell Chan’s article here. Mr Holleyman is doing something very constructive: he […]

EU Customs Report 2008 About IPR Enforcement Activities not IPR Infringements from China

Yesterday the European Commission Directorate-General Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD) published the ‘Report on EU Customs Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights. Results at the European Border 2008’. On page 9 we find a crucial alinea, which disclaims the scope the report: “Although the overall amount of IPR infringing goods entering or leaving the EU […]

USTR in 2008 Report to Congress On China’s WTO Compliance: Still Not Satisfied After All These Years

One of the priority issues in the 115 page 2008 Report to Congress On China’s WTO Compliance, released by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in December is, unsurprisingly, the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in China. Below you will find a selection of the USTR report which shows where China has room […]

Mr László Kovács: “Customs in 2008, a real test for EU-China trade relations”

Mr Lászlo Kovács, European Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union wrote an interesting article to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Customs Union. Is there something to celebrate you might ask yourself? Well at least the Commissioner is belligerent to fight counterfeit and pirated products: “The growing trend in counterfeiting in some health-threatening sectors like […]

Data Key On Road To IPR Transparency

The MailTribune runs an LA Times article called ‘Writing their own tickets, Knockoffs still a thriving business in China’ by Mr Don Lee. The article draws a picture of Wengang, a city in Jiangxin province famous for its pens/infamous for its counterfeit pens. That the enforcement of IPR is very difficult in this city, thanks […]

How To Measure IP Enforcement: Enforcement/Infringement Ratio and “Data Data and Data”

One of the recommendations of my upcoming thesis called: ‘Paper Tiger or Roaring Dragon? China’s TRIPs Implementations and Enforcement‘ is the need to increase transparency about IP enforcement (and of course it is the raison d’être of IP Dragon). To know whether China’s enforcement progresses or declines I proposed the enforcement/infringement ratio which can be […]

Cost of Piracy Overestimated Says OECD, Underestimated Says ICC

Steve Whitehouse of Thomson Financial reports about an unpublished Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) study which puts trade losses in 2005 at up to 200 billion US dollar, considerably lower than the 600 billion US dollars estimated by the International Chamber of Commerce. Read Whitehouse’s article via here. US officials estimate the […]