Microsoft Applies Doctrine of Landlord Liability To Software Piracy

Peter Ollier has an interesting article for Managing Copyright about Microsoft’s alleged first landlord liability case to tackle rampant software piracy. Microsoft is suing Beijing Chaoyang Buynow because two of retailers, Beijing Hongguang Century Trading and Beijing Zhuojue Elements Trading were selling computers with pre-installed counterfeit Microsoft Windows and  Office.  The other case, whereby Microsoft […]

Taiwan Shining Intellectual Property Blueprint For China Or Wishful Thinking?

What works for Taiwan, does (not)necessarily works for China,and vice versa. During the press conference for the “Piracy Out, Competitiveness Up” campaign in Taipei (Taiwan) the chief secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hung Shu-min said that Taiwan could be a model worth modelling for China in regard to bringing down business software piracy levels. […]

Window Is Closing For Pirated Software In China: Qingdao Government Gives Example

Chinese government agencies were well known for using pirated software. By the end of May all illegal software needs to be replaced. The city of Qingdao (province Shandong) will be 10 months ahead of the central government’s ban on pirated copyright. Read more here.

Benchmarking China’s IPR Protection and Enforcement

In response to China’s umpteenth pledge to protect intellectual property, Mr Robert Holleyman, president of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) said: “We will know China has made real progress in reducing piracy only when software companies start seeing substantial increases in sales.” Read Sewell Chan’s article here. Mr Holleyman is doing something very constructive: he […]

May You Live In Interesting Times Online: Does China’s Green Dam Includes Pirated Code?

May you live in interesting times on the Chinese internet: pre-installed filtering technology which is used to censor, a passionate opinion against it supported by a massive internet survey, and last but not least the very filtering software might be qualified as copyright infringement. Of course I am talking about Green Dam: China wants its […]

BSA Software Piracy Study: Taiwan 39 Percent, Ranks 23th Lowest

Business Software Allicance (BSA) publishes its 2008 study of software piracy: May 2009, Sixth Annual BSA-IDG Software 08 Piracy Study. With 39 percent, Taiwan came in on the 23th position of the countries with the lowest software piracy, causing a 201 million US dollar loss in 2008 (215 million US dollar loss in 2007): Percentage software piracy Taiwan […]

BSA Software Piracy Study: Hong Kong 48 Percent, Ranks Average

Business Software Allicance (BSA) publishes its 2008 study of software piracy: May 2009, Sixth Annual BSA-IDG Software 08 Piracy Study. With 48 percent, Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region whose software piracy ranking is between a country with a low and a country with a high software piracy percentage, causing a loss of 225 million […]

BSA Software Piracy Study: China 80 Percent; Ranks 24th Highest

Business Software Allicance (BSA) publishes its 2008 study of software piracy: May 2009, Sixth Annual BSA-IDG Software 08 Piracy Study. With 80 percent, China came in on the 24th position of the countries with the highest software piracy, causing a loss of 6,677 billion US dollar in 2008 (6,664 billion US dollar loss in 2007): […]

Controversial grading of Chinese WTO compliance to IPR protection

According to the Chinese Daily foreign companies give China after fours years decent marks for WTO compliance. But there are still complaints about “rampant violations of intellectual property rights”. The US Chamber of Commerce reported on this earlier. “The report said 70% of pirated goods seized at US borders in the first half of the […]