SPC Notice: Full Exertion of IPR Adjudication Functions to Promote the Boom, Socialist Culture and Autonomous and Harmonious Development

16 December, 2011, Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China issued the notice to fully play the role of IPR judicial functions to promote the great development and prosperity of socialist culture and the promotion of economic autonomy to coordinate the views of developing a number of issues “最高人民法院印发《关于充分发挥知识产权审判职能作用推动社会主义文化大发展大繁荣和促进经济自主协调发展若干问题的意见” [Zuìgāo rénmín fǎyuàn yìnfā […]

Think IP Strategy Workshop 23 November 2011 Shanghai

By Mathijs van Basten Batenburg On this early morning (November 23, 2011) I visited a workshop that the consultancy “Think IP Strategy” (TIS) was so kind to provide in Shanghai. The audience consisted mainly of IP counsels of larger corporations and before the presentations we enjoyed ourselves with exchanging war stories ranging from local competitors […]

Outsmart the Outlaw

“The Art of Strategy”By Michiel Tjoe-Awie For today (November 24) Danny Friedmann has asked me to attend a workshop in Beijing that focuses on protecting patents. The presentation is hold by Duncan Bucknell (CEO) and Shang A Peng from “Think IP Strategy“. Mr. Bucknell started more than 10 years ago as a Australian attorney in […]

Hu in Honolulu: Reform into Open Green Innovative Economy

During the CEO summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Honolulu on November 12, China’s president Hu Jintao announced 4 points to continue economic growth. All points are relevant to intellectual property rights. deepen economic structural reform; grow a green economy; China will step up protection of intellectual property rights and make itself a country […]

Think IP Strategy Has A Free Seminar in Shanghai and Beijing

Think IP Strategy has two promising events: November 23 in Shanghai November 24 in Beijing Three topics will be dealt with:– Building a first class IP Strategy for a Product;– Establishing Global IP Freedom of Action to Compete on the World Stage;– 6 Ways to Improve your IP Strategy. Speakers will be: Duncan Bucknell, founder […]

Crazy Copyright Infringement Or Ga Ga Transformative use?

In the category OMG: Shanghaiist has another interesting post. See here.  Hat tip to Ron Yu.

Star-struck and Creatively Challenged Movie Poster

A U.S. movie and Taiwanese movie poster both use the sky of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. Independently created? I have seen both movies, and beside the poster, they have nothing in common. Woody Allen’s Midnight in ParisSeptember 2011 Tom Lin’s 星空 (Starry Starry Night), TaiwanNovember 2011 Starry Night also inspired Starry Starry Night by Don […]

Countries That Spend Most On R&D: Where Is China?

The Economist came October 1, 2011, with the 2009 statistics on countries that spent most on Research & Development as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (broken down by investments of businesses, educational institutions or government), and the statistics of the average patents filed per million people between 2007 and 2009. China is not in […]

Chinese Brands in U.K. and U.S.

According to IPR.gov.cn, the first half year of 2011, the volume of Sino-British bilateral trade grew to $25.5 billion, an increase of 16 percent year-on-year. China’s brands active in Britain are part of this success. CRI’s Zhang Ru wrote: “China’s Ministry of Commerce chose 190 leading enterprises from various parts of the country to attend […]

Professor Lessig Went To Beijing to Warn China Against …

… US copyright policy Mr Brett Gaylor, a Canadian from Montreal wrote and directed a thought provoking documentary ‘RIP: A Remix Manifesto‘, which can be seen in 13 chapters via the internet, see here; which is an open invitation to remix it. The movie criticises copyright laws and intellectual property laws in general that constrain creativity instead of […]

Message of IP Dragon: Happy Holidays

Sheng dan kuai le 圣诞快乐

Facebook Cloned in China

British blogger ‘I love China’ has a great blog ‘Xiao Nei – Now available in English’, read here.

Future of Digital Copyright Protection in Hong Kong

Tomorrow Professor Peter Yu (I was honoured that this prolific professor was my co-advisor when I was writing my thesis) and mr Charles Mok will give a lecture on the future of digital copyright protection in HK, at the University of Hong Kong. Read more here.

Kung si fa chai! 恭喜发财

Happy Chinese new year to you! 恭喜发财 My new year’s resolution for the year 4706 is to increase the frequency and relevancy of my postings. Cheers, IP Dragon

Message from IP Dragon

Happy new year! Today, I started working for Howrey LLP, an international law firm that is specialised in intellectual property, litigation and antitrust. Cheers, IP Dragon

Message of IP Dragon

IP Dragon was occupied and will be start blogging again on August 13th. See you then. Cheers,IP Dragon

Marks & Clerk Opens Up Shop in Shanghai

Marks & Clerk published a report “Focus on China” which “identified a number of opportunities to take advantage of China’s burgeoning economic activity and expansion in manufacturing that are being missed by western firms. By looking at patent trends across the pharmaceuticals, automotives and telecoms industries the report provided a snapshot of China’s development and […]

Message of IP Dragon

Ever since IP Dragon upgraded from Blogger to Beta Blogger, there have been problems to incorporate Haloscan’s comment functionality. Until that time you can comment via Blogger comments: if you cannot read Chinese click on the number on the right next to the time stamp or drop me a line at ipdragon at gmail dot […]

Mainland, HK and Macau Intellectual Property Symposium

The HK Intellectual Property Department is organising the Symposium in collaboration with SIPO and the Macao SAR Economic Services. The symposium will be held in the Huayun Gloria Grand Hotel Haikou, Hainan province: 12 and 13 December, 2006. The symposium has four themes:1. The latest developments of IP in the three regions;2. IP protection for […]

Message of IP Dragon

Due to private matters I had to attend IP Dragon was not active in the blogosphere for some time. However, in that time I did go to Zürich and met an interesting IPR scholar. Anyhow, I will resume blogging soon. Thanks for your kind letters. IP Dragon

Mandelson’s Tries To Exorcise IPR Infringements In China By Lullaby

Mark Barton and Warren Giles wrote the article “Mandelson warns China on trademark violations” for Bloomberg and South Africa’s Business Day is running the story. They wrote: ““The law exists, but it needs to be enforced,” Mandelson said of China’s patent infringements.” and: “Mandelson said in an interview late on Wednesday in Brussels. “I reserve […]

Karaoke Royalties in China: Unequal Songs Compensated Equally

In December 2005 IP Dragon blogged about a trial by the governement of Guangzhou to charge Karaoke parlors. According to the Pacific Epoch the Guangzhou governement was leaning towards a one Yuan fee for each time a song is played. Read more here. Managing IP gives an update on Karaoke royalties in China. Howard Tsang […]

Hong Kong’s “Big Crook” Appeal Case Has Started

Last year Chan Nai-ming, BitTorrent uploader under the alias Big Crook was sentenced to three months in jail by an Hong Kong court. Chan was out on bail until his appeal, which began September 26th. “At the hearing the defence argued that Mr Chan was merely the “seeder”, and that the downlaoders had initiated the […]

What Has NIPLECC Done To Promote Enforcement of IPR in China Lately?

National Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordination Council (NIPLECC), which consists of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative; the Department of Commerce, including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the International Trade Administration; the Department of Homeland Security, which includes U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; the Department of […]

Video Suggests Pirated DVDs Sold Next to Police Station

http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId= This video suggests that pirated DVDs are sold right next to a policie station. It’s a pity that when the camera goes inside the alleged pirated DVD store the quality is very bad, so we cannot verify the claim. However, the eye-witness account at least sounds convincingly.

Publicity As A Proactive Deterrent Against Counterfeiting

Ray Parry, editor-in-chief of counterfeit.com, wrote an interesting article: The Great Gall of China? Counterfeit.com is according to the site an online voice for the anti-counterfeiting industry. Parry proposes the following as a proactive, deterrent-type, IP protection programme specifically addressing China: “Well first, brand owners should develop strong relationships with their home base country’s Chinese […]

What This Week’s Blogs Tell You About IPR Week 39

This week the “usual suspects” are Counterfeit Chic and China Law Blog. Their postings about intellectual property in China were concentrated on Tuesday. Monday, September 25Tuesday, September 26Counterfeit Chic’ Knockoff News 33 supplied a mer à boire for IPR in China: Alex Littlefield wrote for Radar Online the article Knockoff Nation with great pictures, here. […]

Sceptical and Jubilant Views On the 100 Day Campaign Against Piracy

Emma Moore, an expat from New Zealand living in China, wrote an interesting article called The Chinese Rip Off for Scoop. She is discussing the 100 Day Campaign Against Piracy that started July 15, 2006: “This week, government officials announced the destruction of almost 13 million pirated CDs, DVDs and computer software in the wake […]

China Falls Deeper Because of IPR in Global Competitiveness Index Ranking

The World Economic Forum launced its Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007. As country highlights the following text is given in case of China: “China’s ranking has fallen from 48 to 54, characterized by a heterogeneous performance. On the positive side, China’s buoyant growth rates coupled with low inflation, one of the highest savings rates in the […]

China Will Dominate Semiconductor Industry In 5 Years, IPR Will Follow

Jonathan Hopfner reports for the Electronic Engineering Times about what Philip Koh, a Singapore-based research vice president with analyst firm Gartner, forcasted a week ago about the semiconductor industry. “China will account for 60 percent of the $118 billion Asian semiconductor market by 2010, up from 49 percent today.” And with this increased manufacturing and […]

Protecting Your Intellectual Property In China Conference

The US Patent and Trademark Office is inviting you to Boston, Massachusetts for a two day conference (September 27-28, 2006) about protecting IPR in China and the globabal marketplace. See here. Head tip to Philip Brooks’ Patent Infringement Updates. If you are in the position to go, please share it with us: ipdragon (at) gmail […]

Akin Gump Will Open An Office In Beijing, Protecting Intellectual Property In China

Within the next two to three months Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP is planning to open an office in Beijing, according to Amanda Bronstad in the China Trade Law Report, who interviewed the firm’s chairman, R. Bruce McLean, see here. “Specifically, the firm plans to provide legal work for Chinese companies in the […]

Standardised Confucius’ Image Might Backfire

China Confucius Foundation has commissioned a statute in Qufu, the birth place of the great sage. To standardise the image of Confucius the world over, the statute will be used as the official copyrighted image.Read the Xinhua article here and the Richard Spencer’s article for the Telegraph here, to whom the China Daily article was […]

Chinese “Sincere Flattery” Explosion in South Korea

The Digital Chosun Ilbo reports some staggering statistics of counterfeit goods entering South Korea. The writer of this article, who remains unknown, uses a splendid euphemism for trademark infringement: sincere flattery. According to the Chosun Ilbo, the Korea Customs Service uncovered the following knockoffs as of the end of July: Counterfeit Adidas products 2006: W106.7 […]

Liu Shen & Associates Has Biggest IP Practice in China

Managing IP has made a ranking of the law firms and patent and trademark agencies in Asia, Europe and the US, based on the number of IP practitioners. The biggest lawfirm of Asia is not a Chinese lawfirm, as one might expect. It’s a South Korean firm: Kim & Chang. The biggest Chinese lawfirms and […]

What This Week’s Blogs Tell You About IPR in China (Week 38)

Monday, September 18 IP Dragon posted in June Debunking the Chinese Tourist in Europe Story. But now Susan Scafidi of Counterfeit Chic posted a Flickr picture in her Knockoff News 32 that seems to at least partly debunk the debunking story. On the picture one can read: “In France, buying or carrying a counterfeit product […]

What This Week’s Blogs Are Telling You About IPR in China (Week 37)

Monday, September 11 Tuesday, September 12 Richard Kuslan of Asia Business Intelligence is talking about main stream book stores and that one cannot expect rapid and radical change in intellectual property rights consciousness. His posting is entitled Pirated Editions and American Copyright Law it is based on his paper which was commissioned by the Chinese-American […]

What This Week’s Blogs Tell You About IPR in China (Week 36)

Monday, September 4 Tuesday, September 5 Wednesday, September 6 China Law Blog refers in the article Is A Cigar In China Really Just a Cigar? to a number of blog postings about the business/finance perspective on IPR. Thursday, September 7 Friday, September 8 Saturday, September 9 Travis Hodgekin of Transnational Law Blog has an interesting […]


Mice Love Rice Copyright Dispute Solved Yang Chengang, the composer of the song Mice Love Rice, must have thought that companies and singers are like mice and the assignment of the copyright of his song like rice. But instead of rice, which you can divide, he assigned the copyright five times. A lot of litigation […]

Wen Jiabao Is Becoming Poetic About China’s IPR protection effort: it will not be soft as bean curd

Wen Jiabao visited Helsinki, Finland for the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM). The full transcript of an interview with the Chinese premier was covered by The Times and published by The Australian. One question (question 4) was about IPR: What steps will you take to ensure that the world can be confident in China’s promises on […]

Nigerian Minister: Chinese Counterfeit Threaten Nigeria’s Textile Industry

African News Dimension wrote an article entitled: “China blamed for killing Nigerian economy”. The Nigerian commerce minister Aliyu Modibo displayed the original Nigerian Wax materials and faked Chinese samples presented to him by the leadership of the Association of Textile Manufacturers. “Modibo informed the [Nigerian] senators that textile manufacturers had complained that some unscrupulous Nigerians […]

“There is no Chinese telecoms company that does not infringe on some of Nokia’s patents”

Aaron Tan questioned whether China and other Asian countries warm up to intellectual property in an article for Silicon.com. During the Global Forum on IP in Singapore the panel drew the conclusion that IPR are valued by Asian companies, albeit in the wrong way. Tan quoted Jari Vaario, director of IP rights strategy programme at […]

Exceptions to Copyright Right Infringement in China: Ringtones and Ringback Tones

Anna-Lucille Montgomery is a doctoral candidate and researcher at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia’s Creative Industries Research and Applications Center. She is writing Copyright, Creativity and Economic Development – Intellectual Property and the Creative Industries in Post-WTO China. Now she has just given a preview at Asia Times Online. She gives a great overview […]

How To Stop Unauthorised Use of Bruce Lee’s Name

The spirit of Bruce Lee is alive and kicking. After Bruce Lee’s untimely death, on July 20, 1973, there were no statutes erected in Hong Kong (there was only a Bruce Lee Café, run by Jon Ben, which had the authorisation of Lee’s family), nor in the People’s Republic of China, to commemorate this incredible […]

Did Sina.com Infringe Microsoft’s Copyright?

Garry Wiseman project leader of Window Live Expo, a free classified service provided by Microsoft, blogged that Sino.com has unauthorisedly copied parts of its old lay-out. However, recently Wiseman has withdrawn the posting, see here why. According to Big Mouth Media Wiseman wrote that:“The post above was mainly intended to raise the issue of cross-border […]

IP Dragon Nominated, Now You Can Vote

IP Dragon is honoured and humbled that it is nominated for best Asia Business/Economics Blog Q1 2006/2007 by the Asia Blog Awards. IP Dragon is a happily surprised, because it is focused on China, rather Asia, and although it has ground in common with business and economics it is formost about law, and not any […]


A Knowledge Expert Says (And A Journalist Quotes) The Darndest Things Waltraut Ritter, director of Knowledge Enterprises, spoke Wednesday at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa Schusterman Center as part of the university’s Renaissance Project, an initiative to encourage discussion of modern issues and ideas. This year’s theme is “Science, Technology and Ethics.” According to Robert Evatt […]

What This Week’s Blogs Tell You About IPR in China

Friday, August 25 Saterday, August 26Internet, that sea of info gives and takes. To my regret Asia Business Law is no more. However Christopher Cassidy and Travis Hodgkins are continuing somewhere else, and Christopher Pitts and Jason Lohr might return, some day somewhere: Thank you for reading. Sunday, August 27 Monday, August 28Susan Scafidi has […]

Perkins Coie Shanghai Office Focuses On IPR, Business and Personal Planning

Yesterday you could read here that Thelen Reid & Priest opened an office in Shanghai. Now Perkins Coie is opening their second office in China. After Beijing it is opening an office in Shanghai, located within the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.Read the press release here. The Shanghai office will be staffed by two resident attorneys, […]

Chinese Counterfeiting: US ITC Investigates Zippo’s Complaint of Infringement of US Trademark

The US International Trade Commission is investigating a complaint by Zippo Manufacturing Co, Inc. of Bradford, Pennsylvania and Zippmark, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware. Complaint was filed May 16, 2006 under section 337 of the Tarif Act of 1930, as amended, 19 USC section 1997. A supplement to the complaint was filed on June 5, 2006. […]

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