Microsoft Applies Doctrine of Landlord Liability To Software Piracy

Peter Ollier has an interesting article for Managing Copyright about Microsoft’s alleged first landlord liability case to tackle rampant software piracy. Microsoft is suing Beijing Chaoyang Buynow because two of retailers, Beijing Hongguang Century Trading and Beijing Zhuojue Elements Trading were selling computers with pre-installed counterfeit Microsoft Windows and  Office.  The other case, whereby Microsoft […]

Smartphone Patent War 2012: Chinese Alliance vs International Brands

The battlefield of patents are more and more the place where competitors are vying for market share. China has become the world’s largest market for smart phones in the third quarter of 2011, according to Strategy Analytics. Some Chinese smartphone makers, including Lenovo, ZTE, TCL, Coolpad and Konka joined forces to protect themselves against the rising number of […]

IPR elasticity of FDI is back in China?

The last years there seemed to be no relation between the level of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights and foreign direct investments (FDI) in China. Most companies did not let them scare by the intellectual property related challenges in China and invested massively. Of course one can argue that if China had a […]

Shanghai Court Awards Microsoft 318,000 US dollar Damages For Copyright Infringement

Kathrin Hille wrote for the Financial Times that a Shanghai court ordered Dazhong Insurance, “a Shanghai-based insurer backed by Chinese state-owned and listed companies” to pay 318,000 US dollar to Microsoft for use of illegal copies of its software. The Global Times reported that the court was the Shanghai Pudong New Area District Court, read […]

Nexocial, Dutch Copycat in China

Hugo Leijtens, an ex-Microsoft employee, went two years ago to Chengdu, he describes as the new Silicon Valley. There he became the Chief Technical Officer of Nexocial, a company that came up with an iPad clone in just three months: the nPad, which works on Microsoft Windows C. The nPad will be launched April 3, […]

Microsofts’ MSN Juku Infringes Plurk and Apologises

MSN Juku, Microsoft’s micro-blogging site in China, admitted that that it has infringed the copyright of Plurk, which is popular in Taiwan and the Philipines but is blocked in the PRC. Read relevant articles at the Plurk’s blog:– Microsoft China rips off Asia’s No. 1 Microblogging Service– Plurk’s official response to Microsoft’s apology Read the […]

Microsoft Anti-Piracy: Are Your Eyes Shining Because of China’s IPR Enforcement Efforts or Shenzhen’s Efforts?

Xinhua reported that the Shenzhen Futian Court on 7 January 2009 sentenced 11 people who violated Chinese criminal and copyright laws to make pirated Microsoft software and distribute copies to Australia, Canada, Germany, the United States and other countries. Brad Luo of China Business Law Blog observes that the article generalises Shenzhen’s success, which probably […]

China’s NCA versus Microsoft: Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

Last week Mr Yan Xiaohong, vice-president of the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China (NCA Chinese) criticised Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage software, according to an AFP article. Mr Yan’s has a problem that this system which turns computer desktops black every hour if the installed Windows XP operating system fails an authenticity […]

“Microsoft Does Not Enforce Copyright Piracy in China Because of Network Externalities”

Bill Gates said in 1998:”As long as they’re going to steal it, we want them to steal ours,” he said of Chinese users, according to Fortune magazine. “They’ll get sort of addicted, and then we’ll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade.” Read more here. Now Mr Bagwad Jal Park, a […]

Xiamen Cyberpolice Stealed the Logo of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer?

CH of Mobimania pointed me to the Xiamen cyberpolice who uses the logo of E of Internet Explorer, the browser of of Microsoft. Did they get permission to use it? See their website here.

Zhongyi Electronics to Microsoft: “See you in Court”

According to MarketWatch (head tip to China Economic Review) Microsoft is sued by Zhongyi Electronics for alleged copyright infringement for its Chinese character input method editor that Microsoft applies in Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. The case will te held before the Beijing’s No.1 Intermediate People’s Court. Microsoft has […]

Microsoft Starts Selling 3 $ Starter Editions to Governments and Students in China

Jack Schofield reports for the Guardian Unlimited about Microsofts offer to Chinese governements and students to buy a stripped down version of Windows XP (Starter Edition) and Office (Home and Student 2007) for 3 US dollar. Schofield asserts that piracy has been good for Microsoft in the sense that is has cut out a market […]

Where to Find Genuine Software in Shenzhen? “Maybe in Shanghai”

Dr John, who wants to stay anonymous for obvious reasons, did an investigation into copyright piracy in Shenzhen for The Inquirer. He and his wife went from the back alleys to the public shops looking for pirated software. Dr John’s story, with pictures made by his wife, is quite disturbing. The most hilarious lines of […]