Microsoft Applies Doctrine of Landlord Liability To Software Piracy

Peter Ollier has an interesting article for Managing Copyright about Microsoft’s alleged first landlord liability case to tackle rampant software piracy. Microsoft is suing Beijing Chaoyang Buynow because two of retailers, Beijing Hongguang Century Trading and Beijing Zhuojue Elements Trading were selling computers with pre-installed counterfeit Microsoft Windows and  Office.  The other case, whereby Microsoft […]

Tim Smith’s Guest Blog: Taobao Online Infringement Case

星期二 = Tuesday Photo Danny Friedmann, the popular Chinese e-commerce platform, has appealed against a verdict handed down by a Shanghai court in late March that it should pay compensation of RMB 10,000 (around GBP 950) for its failure to take sufficient steps to prevent a vendor selling counterfeit products on its platform. The […]

” Brick by Brick” Tort Law Supplementary to IPR Law in Case of IPR Infringements

The Tort Liability Law had a … well torturous history. In 1997 the decision was made that China needed a Tort Liability Law. In the words of Professor George Conk of Fordham University School of Law “it is a brick by brick effort which does not proceed with the urgency of specific operational laws.“ On […]