Impersonator Does Not Fake a Documentary on Trademark Counterfeits

Owen Schumacher is a gifted Dutch comedian and impersonator. He has made a documentary series about what people’s perceptions are of real and fake. The third episode of the documentary is on brands, genuine and fake. Mr Schumacher, like yours truly, studied intellectual property law at the Institute for Information Law (IViR) in Amsterdam, the […]

iPad, youPad, wePad? Who Is the Owner of the Trademark in China?

iPads for sale in the Apple Store at Central, Hong Kong Photo Danny Friedmann Apple introduced a third category, in between a laptop and smartphone, on January 27, 2010 (see the late Steve Jobs give the presentation here and demonstration here and here). April 3, 2010 it was intoduced in the U.S. and one month later in other places […]

“Rethinking IP” Round Table HKU – Drake University

Knowles Building, at HKUPhoto: Danny Friedmann Last Saturday morning, lawyers, academics and students from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Australia, Japan and the U.S., all passionate about intellectual property rights, gathered at the University of Hong Kong for a round table discussion on intellectual property and policy. It was organised by the Law & Technology Centre […]

TGIF: Vacuum Cleaner Inventor Says The Darndest Things

Thank goodness it is Friday Sir James Dyson was quoted by Dan Milmo in the Guardian, here, saying: “They are running the risk of being expelled from the WTO. They are creating an unlevel playing field by taking our technology and selling it all over the world.”  With “they” Mr Dyson means China. I understand Mr […]

Shenzhen Intellectual Property Index Starts Before Hong Kong’s

Race has only just begun, everything is still possible… Congratulations to Shenzhen with its own IP Index. There is a fierce competition going on between Asian cities to become the IP hub of Asia. And have your own IP index is conducive to attain this goal. For Hong Kong, with its peculiar patent system, read here, the competition […]

Must Read Monday: Bye Bye Shanzhai, Hello Mainstream Smartphones

Photo: Close EncountersTo Migrate or not. A wildebeest‘s dilemma:“Starvation if I stay, or risk of being eaten by a crocodile if I go“ Shen Jingting wrote an excellent article for China Daily about the epic migration taking place within the Shenzhen mobile phone industry. Shen is distinguishing three phases:  Production of Shanzhai phones and focus on […]

Shenzhen Chinese Hop Border Hong Kong For Porn Movie in Three Dimensions

For some Daoist sex advice readChina Expat’s article here. Some months ago an American porn company sought my advice on copyright law in China. “Is porn copyrighted in China and can you sell it there?” A movie, whether porn or not, is copyrighted, thus protectable and enforceable in principle (since the amendment of article 4 […]

Siren Got Rid of the Letters “Starbucks”

Starbucks revised its logo for the fourth time (1971, 1987, 1992 and now in 2001), see overview here.It was announced already January 5, 2011 by senior creative manager Mike P. here. Logo change announced on Hong Kong TV on the MTRPhoto: Danny Friedmann However, only May 27, 2011 the new logo was introduced in Hong Kong […]

The Process of Trademark Counterfeiting Captured

How An External DVD Drive Becomes A Counterfeit Apple in 5 Minutes Dong Men (东门= East Gate) in Shenzhen is an incredible place. You can find buildings with small shops that all sell one component of a mobile phone or computer per floor, and on the next floor another component. On Shennan Central Road there is […]

Message from IP Dragon: Happy 2011 from Shenzhen

IP Dragon wishes all his readers a happy, healthy and productive new year. Just moved from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Only a few kilometers apart but a world of difference. From common law tradition to civil law tradition. From the Special Economic Region to a Special Economic Zone. Although I will still be going to […]

Parallel Universe Shenzhen: Where The iPads Run on Android

Androids have landed on Shenzhen’s beachPhoto Danny Friedmann By Michiel Tjoe-Awie The market penetration of Google’s Android mobile operating system came second, behind Nokia’s Symbian but was preferred above Apple’s iOS. The iPad is still the most popular “pad”. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have the best of both worlds. I mean that […]

Chinese Companies Are IPR Victims Too

Lin Meilian wrote for the Global Times (China’s answer to the BBC or France24) an article about a Chinese company whose IPR is being faked. Ms Lin writes: “The report in Shenzhen-based Jing Bao quoted Fang Zhen, marketing manager of Crastal Technology (Shenzhen) Company, saying that some of the company’s patented products were found to […]

Is Apple’s iPad a Knockoff from Shenzhen Great Dragon Brother’s P88, Or Is the Latter A Case Of Pre-emtive Cloning?

Stan Abrams of China Hearsay blogs about Shenzhen Great Dragon Brother’s P88, which is very similar to Apple’s just released iPad. Mr Abrams, never losing his ironical talent wrote about Shenzen Great Dragon Brother’s assertive stance towards IP rights in relation to Apple: “[T]he company apparently filed a design patent, so it’s doing its part […]

Hon Hai versus BYD: IPR Infringement or Malicious Attack by a Rival?

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. sued Build Your Dreams (BYD) at a People’s Court in Shenzhen for intellectual property infringement in technology needed for electrical cars. Hon Hai is Taiwan’s leading outsourced manufacturing company for Apple’s iPhone, HP, Sony and Nokia etc. BYD started with the production of batteries in 1995 and combined this with […]

Huawei Top PCT Applicant 2008; China Sixth Largest User of PCT

The People’s Republic of China has the ambition to shift its manufacturing based economy to a knowledge based economy. Therefore Chinese companies need to innovate, and protect their innovations by patents, internationally. If a company registers its patent in one country, it is only protected in that country. Therefore companies need to register their patents […]

Inside the Dragon’s Den: Observations from a Counterfeit Watch Factory

Shenzhen based journalist and blogger (Shenzhen Zen) Justin Mitchell embedded himself for online publication Asia Sentinel inside a counterfeit watch factory in Shenzhen that sells them under brands such as Rolex, Seiko, Omega, Fossil and Tag Heuer, BMW, Bacardi, Dunhill, and the Beijing Olympics characters. Mitchell describes the working conditions under which the counterfeit products […]

Suspected Ringleader of Counterfeit Computer Network Equipment Finally Caught

In September a succesful joint operation was carried out by the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau and private security firm I-OnAsia. US$ 25 million worth of counterfeit computer network equipment (sold under international brands such as Nortel, Cisco Systems and Hewlett Packard) was seized and seven people were arrested in 10 raids carried out simultaneously across […]

Bluetooth Earphones Infringement One of Shenzhen AIC’ Top 10 IP Cases 2006

The Southern Daily of March 13, reports (in Chinese) that the Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) announced the top 10 Intellectual Property Protection Cases for the year 2006 in Shenzhen on 12 March 2007. The cases have involved in household appliances, mobile phones, medicines and general daily supplies. One of the top 10 […]

Where to Find Genuine Software in Shenzhen? “Maybe in Shanghai”

Dr John, who wants to stay anonymous for obvious reasons, did an investigation into copyright piracy in Shenzhen for The Inquirer. He and his wife went from the back alleys to the public shops looking for pirated software. Dr John’s story, with pictures made by his wife, is quite disturbing. The most hilarious lines of […]