Huawei Top PCT Applicant 2008; China Sixth Largest User of PCT

The People’s Republic of China has the ambition to shift its manufacturing based economy to a knowledge based economy. Therefore Chinese companies need to innovate, and protect their innovations by patents, internationally. If a company registers its patent in one country, it is only protected in that country. Therefore companies need to register their patents […]

IP Dragon Weekend Game: Dyslectic Or Counterfeit

Ms Hannah Wood has an intriguing article about names very similar to famous ones in China. See Ms Wood’s article with pictures, here. Can you guess which are the original brands? The answer can be found by clicking on the links. Pizza Huh Bucksstar coffee o Mc McDnoald’s Dama Adidos Farrari KLC Lexus = Lexus, […]

Spelling Guide For Creatively Challenged Counterfeiters

Whether ‘creatively challenged counterfeiters’ is a pleonasm or not, one might be able to distinguish different grades of their creativity deficit. Some will just hustle a little with the word order; Adidas for example becomes: DAIADS; Puma becomes PMUA.The ones blessed with a little bit more creativity will add letters: All Stars, becomes Ball Stars; […]