Greatest Start of the Year: Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2011 Singapore

The Global Forum on Intellectual Property (GFIP) 2011 in Singapore (6-7 January), a bi-annual event, was greater than ever before. It is clear Singapore is committed to becoming a IP hub. Over 95 professors and practitioners (lawyers, judges, inhouse counsels, business people), bloggers and readers who gave speeches about their reflections on the past, their […]

Huawei Top PCT Applicant 2008; China Sixth Largest User of PCT

The People’s Republic of China has the ambition to shift its manufacturing based economy to a knowledge based economy. Therefore Chinese companies need to innovate, and protect their innovations by patents, internationally. If a company registers its patent in one country, it is only protected in that country. Therefore companies need to register their patents […]

Patent Challenge in China: What’s the State of the Art?

The last quarterly newsletter of the European Patent Office (EPO) has an interesting article about the difficulty for foreign patent applicants to determine prior art (state of the art) in China, because all prior art in China is in Chinese. To determine prior art is crucial, because the patent can only be granted to an […]

Patent Examiner SIPO Blogs

I got an email from Cliff Zhao, Patent Examiner of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)who is also a translator. Mr Zhao set up a Chinese/English blog called Intellectual Property in China 知识产权与中国发展 about intellectual property policy in China. Recently Mr Zhao wrote an article about Intellectual Property Education – In the Law School and […]

Compulsory Licensing: Philips About to Bring A WTO Case Against Taiwan

Taiwanese company GigaStorage has a conflict with Dutch company Philips about a patent for the manufacturing of CD’s since 1999. After a complaint at the Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission it applied for a compulsory license of Philips’ patent for the manufacturing of CD’s, based on article 79 Taiwan’s Patent Law, which states:“In the case of […]

Pyrrhic Victory For Anti Patent Pool Professors Against Philips

Remember Zhang Ping, the IPR professor of Peking University who in December 2005 attacked a patent of Philips that was part of the 4C DVD pool because it was alleged to be not essential, read here. Emma Barraclough followed the story for Managing IP: In January 2006, Zhang got support of four other law professors […]

Counterfeit Spelling Contest How To Write ….

Philips. China is warming up relations with the African continent. One side effect is the growth in Chinese counterfeit products. Oskar Himmelreich made a nice picture in Kumasi, Ghana, August 2006 of a counterfeit mixer of the Dutch multinational with two LL’s and sent it to IP Dragon. Thanks a lot Oskar.

IP Professor Attacks Philips’ Right To Collect Royalties For DVDs

Zhang Ping, a professor from the Intellectual Property Rights Institute of Peking University, has filed an argument against Philips, a member of the 3C DVD Patent Group. The 3C DVD Patent Group consists of Philips, Sony, Pioneer (that’s 3), but LG Electronics joined them, so in fact it is now 4C DVD Patent Group, read […]