Greatest Start of the Year: Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2011 Singapore

The Global Forum on Intellectual Property (GFIP) 2011 in Singapore (6-7 January), a bi-annual event, was greater than ever before. It is clear Singapore is committed to becoming a IP hub. Over 95 professors and practitioners (lawyers, judges, inhouse counsels, business people), bloggers and readers who gave speeches about their reflections on the past, their […]

China’s National Intellectual Property Strategy, What’s The Progress? Website To Stay Updated

September 11, 2008 IP Dragon published ‘China’s National IP Strategy 2008: Feasible Commitments or Road to Nowhere Paved With Good Intentions.’ To “popularise” and to keep those interested in the progress of China in implementing its National IP Strategy a website was launched on June 5th, see here (Chinese). The site has 10 main categories: […]

Don’t Feed The Patent Trolls in China and Start Your Own IP Team

Tian Lipu, commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) visited Samsung, according to the China Daily. Mr Tian was told by the Keun-Hee Park, president of Samsung’s operations in China that patent trolls were on the rise. One can argue that a patent troll, or more neutrally called a non-practising entity (NPE) abuses its […]

National IP Strategy 2010 Is Coming

In 2008 China launched a comprehensive National IP Strategy, read ‘Feasible Commitments or Road To Nowhere Paved With Good Intentions‘. March 1, 2010, China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) announced that during the second liaison officer meeting a draft of new National IP Strategy is discussed. See here. Wondering what the changes will be. To […]

Taylor Wessing Global Intellectual Property Index and China: The Last Shall Be The First

The People’s Republic of China was ranked last (24th position) in the Taylor Wessing Global Intellectual Property Index 2009, see here. The methodology of the GIPI rating is a calculation by a factor assessment model with jurisdiction assessments and instrumental factors as input. See the methodology here.  About China’s trademark system Taylor Wessing complains about the delay […]

Guidelines of the Supreme People’s Court on Implementing the National IP Strategy

Last year China’s State Council promulgated the National IP Strategy (“National IP Strategy 2008: Feasible Commitments or Road to Nowhere Paved with Good Intentions” read here), a roadmap that must lead China to become one of the most innovative countries by 2020. The goals formulated in the National IP Strategy were laudable indeed. Question was, […]

World Trademark Review: “US crowns China top of the counterfeiters”

Adam Smith of the World Trademark Review wrote an article that put a few of the actual news events into perspective.: The news of the US customs that the People’s Republic of China is number one origin of counterfeit goods seized in the US, Chinese ministers that held a meeting (12 January 2009) on the […]

Thesis and Publications About IPR in China

Thesis: ‘Paper Tiger or Roaring Dragon, China’s TRIPs Implementations and Enforcement’BMM Bulletin Paper: ‘How to work within China’s IPR enforcement system for trademark and design rights’Article: ‘How to prevent and act upon intellectual property rights infringements in China’Article: China’s National IP Strategy 2008: Feasible Commitments or Road to Nowhere Paved With Good IntentionsArticle: ‘How do […]

China’s National IP Strategy 2008: Feasible Commitments or Road to Nowhere Paved With Good Intentions

This article by Danny Friedmann is also published at the site of Duncan Bucknell Company, the consulting firm that specialises in global intellectual property strategy, see here. China’s State Council promulgated a National Intellectual Property Strategy [1]. In the policy document there is a lot of talk about doing everything more efficient and more effective. […]

China’s New National Strategy On IPR Protection Will Come Out First Half 2007

Luan Shanglin of Xinhua reports: “China’s national strategy on IPR protection will come out in the first half of this year. It is composed of 20 topics and one guideline, covering system building, law enforcement, talents training and public awareness regarding the IPR protection.” Read more about the two-day Global Forum on Intellectual Property Rights […]