IP Dragon Roar Podcast 2 “Spirit, Software, World of War Craft, Compulsory Licensing”

Here is IP Dragon Roar’s second podcast about “Spirit, Software, World-of-War Craft, Compulsory Licensing”.     First Jamon Yerger and Matthew Kowalak discuss the following blog posts:     Stir up people to innovate by slogan or by a change of culture Supreme People’s Court Took AMSC v. Sinovel Wind Group Case On Software Copyright Infringement Trend […]

Patents in China: Quantity Obsessed Quality Challenged

Time for quality patentsPhoto: Danny Friedmann Now we are all following Ericsson sueing ZTE for patent infringement in Germany, UK and Italy, read here. Followed of course by ZTE trying to invalidate Ericsson’s patent at China’s Patent Re-examination Board, read here, because of an alleged lack of novelty, inventiveness or usefulness. In other words: lack of quality. Wan […]

Greatest Start of the Year: Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2011 Singapore

The Global Forum on Intellectual Property (GFIP) 2011 in Singapore (6-7 January), a bi-annual event, was greater than ever before. It is clear Singapore is committed to becoming a IP hub. Over 95 professors and practitioners (lawyers, judges, inhouse counsels, business people), bloggers and readers who gave speeches about their reflections on the past, their […]

How Green Should Patents in China Be? Poisonous Green

9 articles to go: IP Dragon on its way to its 1000th article If you live in China, you will easily see one of its biggest problems: pollution. In China car manufacturers claim that they are unable to produce low-cost hybrid cars because of a small number of companies that have patented key components, writes […]

IP Dragon Gives Lunch Presentation At Baker & McKenzie

Yesterday I gave a lunch presentation at the Hong Kong office of Baker & McKenzie. The title of my presentation: ‘Is China’s Unique Patent Law Paving the Way to Innovation?’ about the challenges of foreign innovators because of the changes in the Third Amendment to China’s Patent Law 2008. I was delighted to find such […]

Are Statutory Compensation Rules For Inventors Scary?

In the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Asia of March 18, 2010, Andrew Browne and Jason Dean wrote an interesting article called ‘Foreign businesses sour on China’. IP Dragon was happy to see that patent law in China was on the front page and page 17 of the WSJ Asia. The authors of the article assert […]