IP Dragon Roar Podcast 2 “Spirit, Software, World of War Craft, Compulsory Licensing”

Here is IP Dragon Roar’s second podcast about “Spirit, Software, World-of-War Craft, Compulsory Licensing”.     First Jamon Yerger and Matthew Kowalak discuss the following blog posts:     Stir up people to innovate by slogan or by a change of culture Supreme People’s Court Took AMSC v. Sinovel Wind Group Case On Software Copyright Infringement Trend […]

Trend Thirsty Thursday: Compensation for Copyright Infringement of Chinese Character Fonts Is Going Up

Remember IP Dragon’s 2007 article about font maker Beijing University Founder Sued Blizzard Over Font Copyright Infringements? In 2011 the Beijing Higher People’s Court decided that Blizzard did indeed infringe five of Founder’s copyrighted fonts. But even though Founder sought 408 million RMB in damages, it was only rewarded 1.4 million RMB. Not enough to cover 2.08 […]

Not So Smooth As Shampooed Hair: Copyright Font Infringement. Founder Electronics Sues P&G and Carrefour

Do you remember Founder Electronics sueing Blizzard Entertainment, August 2007 for copyright font infringement? Read here. Now the People’s Daily Online reports that Founder Electronics has filed a suit against Procter & Gamble (P&G) in Guangzhou, Guangdong province and Carrefour in Beijing, also for copyright font infringement. Founder Electronics is claiming 1.478 million yuan for […]