iPad, youPad, wePad? Who Is the Owner of the Trademark in China?

iPads for sale in the Apple Store at Central, Hong Kong Photo Danny Friedmann Apple introduced a third category, in between a laptop and smartphone, on January 27, 2010 (see the late Steve Jobs give the presentation here and demonstration here and here). April 3, 2010 it was intoduced in the U.S. and one month later in other places […]

Smartphone Patent War 2012: Chinese Alliance vs International Brands

The battlefield of patents are more and more the place where competitors are vying for market share. China has become the world’s largest market for smart phones in the third quarter of 2011, according to Strategy Analytics. Some Chinese smartphone makers, including Lenovo, ZTE, TCL, Coolpad and Konka joined forces to protect themselves against the rising number of […]

Will the iPad Trademark Be Apple’s Forbidden Fruit?

Must Apple resellers in Dongmen, Shenzhen stop selling iPads?Photo: Danny Friedmann Kathrin Hille wrote for the Financial Times (FT) that (mother company) Proview Electronics of Taiwan agreed to sell Apple the “global trademark” for the iPad name for 35,000 UK pounds, according to Proview. “[B]ut the two companies have subsequently disagreed about whether that deal […]

Independent Creation Valid Defense Against Copyright Infringement

Jonathan Mak, design student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design said that he did not rip-off the idea for the Apple tribute in which you can distinguish the silhouette of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Invisible Gold in Asia Facebook Page (set up by author of the book with the same name Professor David […]

Steve Jobs on Creativity: Be Bored, Become Curious and Change The World

Steve Jobs, visionary leader of Apple has passed away. His legacy is enormous. Whole new product categories, new way to think about consumer products and processes. There is also a lot one can learn from his words of wisdom. In Steven Levy’s excellent effort to condense such an incredible full live into one article he quotes […]

Lessons From WikiLeaks About Apple’s Intellectual Property Enforcement in China

Mark Milan of CNN has read the Wikileaks cable from the U.S. Beijing embassy on Apple, read here, see original text here. WikiLeaks cored Apple in China The Wikileaks suggest that Apple, in regard to the enforcement of intellectual property in China dealt with the following challenges: It seems that Apple realised there was a […]

Guest Column: Eddie Tao’s Reflections on Working for Apple, Steve Jobs, Inspiration, Innovation and Intellectual Property

Eddie Tao: “Co-design is not how Apple likes to work.” Dear readers of IP Dragon, IP Dragon (aka Danny), a long time friend of mine asked me to consider writing some notes about the latest news about Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. Danny and I met at Chinese school in Amsterdam, NL. While Danny worked his way […]

Fry Phone: Fry Your Brain With Phoney Phone (HiPhone5)

By Michiel Tjoe-AwieFake phone Yang Xi reports for China.org.cn about the Chinese copycat of the Apple iPhone5 that hits the market. Of course it can do what the leaked iPhone5 can do, but it is served with a free dessert: fried brains. Fried brains are cheap. The HiPhone5 is sold for a price that ranges […]

Long Island Professor: “Chinese Counterfeiters Cannot Replicate Services” Yes, They Can

Can people outside Long Islandreally pour a sturdy Long Island Iced Tea? Panos Mourdoukouras, professor of economics of Long Island University, gave some reasons for the existence of counterfeit and knock-off retail outlets in China with which I did not agree, see here. Now he was interviewed by Canada TV (CTV) and I am afraid […]

Genuine Apple Store Fixes Problem Of Fake Apple

M.I.C. (Made in China) Gadget’s Chris Chang wrote that a genuine Apple Store in Pudong Shanghai helped diagnose and troubleshoot his knock-off MacBook Air. Read here. Now that he is sitting in your nest,you might as well treat him as your own?

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree In Kunming

BirdAbroad is a blogger in Kunming, Yunnan province. She came across a very convincing Apple Store ripoff, and then found two other such stores. Read here investigative post in which she said she was from the Apple corp. in the U.S. in order to shoot some pictures. Read “Are you listening, Steve Jobs?” here. UPDATE: […]

Part III: Lessons Learned from Technology Transfer and Essential IP in China/HK

June 16th, the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (ECCHK) organised together with the European Union Business Information Programme of Hong Kong and Macao the 3rd annual China IPR SME Helpdesk seminar, this time about ‘Technology Transfer and Essential IP Strategies for EU SMEs in Mainland China and Hong Kong’.  For all companies that are […]

The Process of Trademark Counterfeiting Captured

How An External DVD Drive Becomes A Counterfeit Apple in 5 Minutes Dong Men (东门= East Gate) in Shenzhen is an incredible place. You can find buildings with small shops that all sell one component of a mobile phone or computer per floor, and on the next floor another component. On Shennan Central Road there is […]

The lizard’s weekly China news roundup

IP Komodo hears righteous indignation expressed by bosses at Beijing’s famous Silk Market on Wednesday at a United States trade report that accuses the mall of being “notorious” for fake goods. A Ms Hu stated to the press “I don’t care about what any other media is saying about (the Silk Market). We’re doing our […]

Nexocial, Dutch Copycat in China

Hugo Leijtens, an ex-Microsoft employee, went two years ago to Chengdu, he describes as the new Silicon Valley. There he became the Chief Technical Officer of Nexocial, a company that came up with an iPad clone in just three months: the nPad, which works on Microsoft Windows C. The nPad will be launched April 3, […]

Is Apple’s iPad a Knockoff from Shenzhen Great Dragon Brother’s P88, Or Is the Latter A Case Of Pre-emtive Cloning?

Stan Abrams of China Hearsay blogs about Shenzhen Great Dragon Brother’s P88, which is very similar to Apple’s just released iPad. Mr Abrams, never losing his ironical talent wrote about Shenzen Great Dragon Brother’s assertive stance towards IP rights in relation to Apple: “[T]he company apparently filed a design patent, so it’s doing its part […]

Chinese MacBook Air knockoffs: Better Than the Real Thing?

Brian X. Chen is running the China Gadget Guide review for Wired about Chinese MacBook Air knockoffs that are on sale in Shenzhen. “Chinese knockoffs of the MacBook Air could actually be a compelling option for those desiring the razor-thin form factor of the subnote without paying the premium.“ Read the Wired article here and […]

Knockoff Phones Explode And Not Just the Volume

Knockoff mobile phones such as Apple (hi-phone), Nokia (Nckia), Samsung (Sumsang), that sometimes explode or have high radiation, are immensely popular in China, 20 percent of this biggest market in the world! The phones are also exported to Russia, India, Middle East, Europe and US. David Barboza wrote an article about it: ‘In China, Knockoff […]

Apple Victorious In Trademark Conflict With New Apple Concept Digital Technology

Apple, Inc. won trademark case against New Apple Concept Digital Technology Co Ltd based in Shenzhen. The Intermediate People’s Court in Shenyang, the capital of the Liaoning Province, ordered New Apple Concept Digital Technology Co., Ltd., on 2 November to pay 400,000 yuan (58,000 U.S. dollars) for infringing on Apple’s trademark and logo. Read the […]

Counterfeit iPhones Smuggled Outside China; Genuine iPhone Smuggled Back Into China

Stop the press! Although also iClones (fake iPhones) exit China to Europe and the US, read here, also genuine iPods manufactured in China for/by Apple are exported abroad. There is a lack of the real thing in China, so the price people want to pay for it rises. Enter smugglers of genuine iPhones, that bring […]

Who cloned who: iPhone versus P168

According to Newlaunces Apple’s iPhone has “inspired” many rip-offs. Read and see an alleged Chinese clone called P168 at Newlaunches here. Until there is more proof one cannot exclude the possibility that the iPhone is a P168 clone. Update: Sir CH, of the French site Mobimania informed me about a Phonedaily article about the P168, […]