Innovative Enforcement of Trademark and Copyright Infringement by LVMH

What to do when the trademarks and copyrights of your luxury products are infringed by Chinese companies that sell these products online to, for example, U.S. consumers. You can go after the source: using Chinese customs, the administrative, criminal or litigation routes. Another innovative way is to go also after the U.S. company that leases […]

The lizard’s weekly China news roundup

IP Komodo hears righteous indignation expressed by bosses at Beijing’s famous Silk Market on Wednesday at a United States trade report that accuses the mall of being “notorious” for fake goods. A Ms Hu stated to the press “I don’t care about what any other media is saying about (the Silk Market). We’re doing our […]

What Is the Superlative of Contributory Liability?… Local State Supervision Liability?

Managing IP magazine, had a link to an interesting China Daily article, see here in which a State Administration for Radio Film and Television (SARFT) official was quoted as saying that it is “working on the establishment of an internet audio-visual programs industry association (..)”. The application has been submitted and it now waiting approval […]

FEVS: “Mainland China Principal Counterfeiter Wine”

Dominique Schroeder has a good article about counterfeit wine for Agence France-Presse published in the South China Morning Post today. “The mainland is “the principal counterfeiter”, according to Renaud Gaillard, deputy director of the French export trade body, Federation des Exportateurs de Vins et Spriritueux de France (FEVS).” However, Schroeder points out that unlike luxury […]

Recession + E-commerce = Counterfeiting

Robert Klara wrote a very nice article: ‘The Fight Against Fakes’ for Brandweek. His article is about: the economic crisis and advent of e-commerce that prove to be a fatal mix for brands; trademarks are increasingly being infringed upon; if global dimension of this fatal mix is well described by Mr Klara: “The same Wild […]

IPR Enforcement in China via Inversed Trojan Horse: LVMH Invites China Investment Corporation to Take An Equity Stake

March 16, Tim LeeMaster wrote for the South China Morning Post, the English language newspaper of Hong Kong, that China Investment Corporation is considering to take an equity stake of 10 percent in the French luxury goods company LVMH. Head tip to the China Economic Review, read here. Let’s speculate what an eventual deal could […]

Of IP’s Most Important Figures of 2007 Who is Most Relevant to IP in China?

The magazine Managing Intellectual Property announced IP’s Most Important Figures of 2007. Of this group, who deserved this title because of its role regarding IP in China? Obviously this includes Ms Wu Yi (China’s vice-premier and IP-negotiator) and Mr Tian Lipu (commissioner of China’s State Intellectual Property Organisation), but also Mr Jack Chang (senior IP […]