Complaining about Taobao’s IPR Complaint System and a MOU

When the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) testified for the USCC Hearing on “China’s Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous Innovation Policy,” April 25, 2011, it focused on the software and recorded music industry. However, they also wrote a letter about the overall IP record in China, see here. “Sites such as,,,,, […]

Data Key On Road To IPR Transparency

The MailTribune runs an LA Times article called ‘Writing their own tickets, Knockoffs still a thriving business in China’ by Mr Don Lee. The article draws a picture of Wengang, a city in Jiangxin province famous for its pens/infamous for its counterfeit pens. That the enforcement of IPR is very difficult in this city, thanks […]

Of IP’s Most Important Figures of 2007 Who is Most Relevant to IP in China?

The magazine Managing Intellectual Property announced IP’s Most Important Figures of 2007. Of this group, who deserved this title because of its role regarding IP in China? Obviously this includes Ms Wu Yi (China’s vice-premier and IP-negotiator) and Mr Tian Lipu (commissioner of China’s State Intellectual Property Organisation), but also Mr Jack Chang (senior IP […]

Counterfeit Goods and Piracy Segment 2005 in Numbers: The Overview

Douglas (aka Dog McFly) sent me an email pointing out the site of Havoscope. This site shows China’s share in market value of counterfeit and piracy goods, here, based on the numbers of the Quality Brands Protection Committee and the China Publication Science Institute. Plus it gives many online sources to show China’s internet piracy. […]