Induced Patent Infringement Standard: How To Avoid Proving Intent And Fast Forward To Actual Knowledge

Q:”How do you want your induced patent infringement?“A:”Willful blind, not deepfried“ Spicy vegetarian deep-fried noodle nestSource: Veggy Monkey Eats The U.S. Supreme Court decided Global-Tech versus SEB May 31, 2011. It gives a standard for induced patent infringement: namely willful blindness, that goes beyond recklessness and negligence. The facts are interesting too for IP Dragon:“Pentalpha is […]

Free webinar, ‘Patent filing strategies in China’

Managing IP, in association with Liu Shen, invites you to a free webinar, ‘Patent filing strategies in China’. It will take place on March 10th at 9.00 am EST / 2.00 pm GMT / 10.00 pm CST. China is becoming an increasingly important jurisdiction for patent owners around the world. To ensure that they can […]

What Is the Superlative of Contributory Liability?… Local State Supervision Liability?

Managing IP magazine, had a link to an interesting China Daily article, see here in which a State Administration for Radio Film and Television (SARFT) official was quoted as saying that it is “working on the establishment of an internet audio-visual programs industry association (..)”. The application has been submitted and it now waiting approval […]

IP Dragon Speaks on 7th Annual Asia-Pacific IP Forum 2010

September 1, 2010, Stan Abrams of China Hearsay fame, and I will speak on Social Media (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, but also blogs) and intellectual property (especially trademark and copyright) issues, during the 7th Annual Asia-Pacific IP Forum 2010. There is a lot to say about this subject. If you deem a related subject […]

If You Have .hk HKIRC Will Give You .香港 For Free

James Nurton of Managing IP reports about an announcement from the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corportation (HKIRC). If ICANN will introduce new non-Roman country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) names, including Chinese characters, HKIRC will give everyone with a .hk address an extra .香港 for free. Read Mr Nurton’s article here.

Of IP’s Most Important Figures of 2007 Who is Most Relevant to IP in China?

The magazine Managing Intellectual Property announced IP’s Most Important Figures of 2007. Of this group, who deserved this title because of its role regarding IP in China? Obviously this includes Ms Wu Yi (China’s vice-premier and IP-negotiator) and Mr Tian Lipu (commissioner of China’s State Intellectual Property Organisation), but also Mr Jack Chang (senior IP […]

Customs Auction Notice To Prevent Infringing Goods Reentering Channels of Commerce

Just before the US made two formal complaints against China at the WTO on April 10, 2007 (the WTO cases are: China – Measures affecting the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, Request for Consultations by the United States, WT/DS362/1 and China – Measures Affecting Trading Rights and Distribution Services for Certain Publications and […]

BitTorrent Uploader Loses Final Appeal

Remember the BitTorrent uploader in Hong Kong, who knick named himself Big Crook, and was sentenced three months in prison? Read more here. He lost his appeal in December 2006 and now his final appeal. Peter Ollier of Managing Intellectual Property reports about the Hong Kong Court of final appeal that confirmed the first criminal […]

Counterfeit Cars, Backlogs and Economic Nationalism

The Economist has an article about Counterfeit cars in China. It writes:“So far, legal action by foreign firms has proved nearly useless. The many writs, threats, injunctions and court cases have become embroiled in slow-grinding legal machinations, been thrown out on technical grounds or failed because foreign firms had not properly registered their designs.“ Some […]

MIP Briefing About Copyright For Web Design

Howard and Thomas Tsang (don’t know if they are family) of Wilkinson and Grist wrote an article for Managing Intellecutal Property about a copyright infringement case concerning web design. The plaintiff, yes a site about food, had duly registered its layout and design at the Chongqing Copyright Bureau. Since China is a signatory of […]