What Is the Superlative of Contributory Liability?… Local State Supervision Liability?

Managing IP magazine, had a link to an interesting China Daily article, see here in which a State Administration for Radio Film and Television (SARFT) official was quoted as saying that it is “working on the establishment of an internet audio-visual programs industry association (..)”. The application has been submitted and it now waiting approval […]

100 Percent Australian made UGG Boots From China

Instead of the near undetectable counterfeit eggs, some counterfeit products are easier to determine. See the video, where counterfeiters made some mistakes, here. The buyer of the fake boots was lured into buying the booths because it said: “100 percent Australian made”. And the label said “Made in New Zealand” (see picture). That information was […]

SOSFakeFlash Cannot Forget: “Fighting Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World”

SOSFakeFlash, is an interesting initiative. It is a site fighting “Toward a Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss” where people can report vendors of fake flash USB drives and MP players.For example according to SOSFakeFlash liaoqin_25688, registered in China, is an eBay seller of counterfeit Flash USB […]

First conviction For Copyright Infringement Under The HK Organized And Serious Crime Ordinance

EarthTime writes that the South China Morning Post has reported about a counterfeiter named Yung Chun-pong, who possessed and sold pirated DVDs to overseas buyers through the eBay online auction site has been jailed for three-and-a-half year in Hong Kong. “Yung, described by the judge as an “intelligent culprit,” used legitimate companies, such as FedEx, […]