This Is How An Australian Company Undercut A Chinese Counterfeiter on Price in Africa

I have written a few times jestingly that companies should be happy when their intellectual property rights are infringed by Chinese companies. Because, if they don’t one cannot easily sue them any longer but one has to compete with them which might be even more difficult. Australian radio and metal-detector manufacturer Codan, is not waiting until the counterfeiters of their product become legit competitors.  Codan started to compete with them on price. 
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Trademark Logo Goes Up in Smoke To Save Australians? Let’s Check The HK-Australian Bilateral Investment Treaty

How to warn peopleagainst blindness who cannot do not want to see? Cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris was not amused when Australia announced last November 2010 that it would prohibit brand logos on cigarette packets, to prevent exposure to children that might be lured to the flames of eternal damnation. Smoking kills 15,000 deaths in Australia each year. According to the […]

100 Percent Australian made UGG Boots From China

Instead of the near undetectable counterfeit eggs, some counterfeit products are easier to determine. See the video, where counterfeiters made some mistakes, here. The buyer of the fake boots was lured into buying the booths because it said: “100 percent Australian made”. And the label said “Made in New Zealand” (see picture). That information was […]

Update WTO IPR and Market Access Case Against China, And What Has Antigua To Do With It?

On April 10 the US requested consultations for two, interrelated, WTO cases: DS362 China – Measures affecting the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights DS363 China – Measures affecting trading rights and distribution services for certain publications and audiovisual entertainment products These cases are interrelated, because market access is a contributory factor to intellectual […]

EU Will Not Support US WTO Piracy Case: Good Cop Approach

The EU is not joining the US in filing formal complaints at the WTO in Geneva against China for inadequate copyright and trademark rights enforcement. Although the EU agrees with the WTO case against China in substance, it is not willing to burn its fingers, anxious for economical retaliations. Ben Blanchard of the Guardian Unlitited […]