Plain Cigarette Packaging Debate Ignited Again in Hong Kong

In the Mainland of China there is still growth in the amount of people that start to smoke; now there are 350 million smokers in China. And a scientist specialised in refining cigarettes to the taste of Chinese smokers, has even been made a member of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Engineering.  Not so in Hong Kong. Here the future of smoking goes slowly out as the light of a burning cigarette. But still the number of smokers in the fragrant harbour is substantial.  According to the University of Hong there are 760,000 smokers in Hong Kong, 380,000 will die of smoker-related diseases, see here. The World Health Organization confirms that half of all smokers will die of smoker related diseases. 7,000 people per year die in Hong Kong because of tobacco.  But if a product is allowed to be sold, is it fair to restrict of even prohibit the use of a trademark on these products?
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Trademark Logo Goes Up in Smoke To Save Australians? Let’s Check The HK-Australian Bilateral Investment Treaty

How to warn peopleagainst blindness who cannot do not want to see? Cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris was not amused when Australia announced last November 2010 that it would prohibit brand logos on cigarette packets, to prevent exposure to children that might be lured to the flames of eternal damnation. Smoking kills 15,000 deaths in Australia each year. According to the […]