Demystifying Intellectual Property Rights With Professor David Llewelyn

Professor Llewelyn before a scholarly audience, including professor Barton Beebe on the right



Professor David Llewelyn’s latest presentation did not miss to resonate with a scholarly audience. The earlier presentations IP Dragon attended included the highly relevant topic such as “Leveraging your IP” and testified an ability to clarify in a concise way, such as explaining all IP in one hour.  This time professor Llewelyn spoke at the ‘Charting the New Frontiers of Intellectual Property Protection of Luxury Brands’, June 16, 2012 at HKU.



IPR is getting too complex

As the last speaker of the day professor Llewelyn gave his view unapologetically on the previous presentations which included a deluge of social theories:  “Veblen? Intellectual property rights are already too complex.”
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Rethinking Intellectual Property Protection in Hong Kong

After the welcome remarks by professor Douglas Arner (head Department of Law, HKU) and the opening speech by Peter Cheung, (director IPD, HKSAR Government) see here, the first panel presentation of the Round Table event organised by Law & Technology Centre of HKU and IP Law Center at Drake University started, moderated by assistant professor Haochen Sun, […]

Hong Kong’s Original Grant Patent, Reciprocity And Hong Kong’s Future As Legal Hub

On the last day one can send his or her opinion on the patent registration system in Hong Kong to the government, you will find an overview of what we can expect and what we can hope for. The patent system of Hong Kong, largely influenced by the re-registration patent system it inherited as a dependent […]

Chongqing Chaotianmen Different From Singapore Marina Sands Bay Architecture

In Chongqing, at Chaotianmen, at the Jiefangbei peninsula where the Yangtze and Jialing rivers come together, the complex designed by architect Moshe Safdie will be build. It is “an almost literal copy of their Marina Sands Bay scheme in Singapore”, according to Daan Roggeveen, a Dutch architect quoted by Bert van Dijk, see here. Overall impression […]

Taiwan Shining Intellectual Property Blueprint For China Or Wishful Thinking?

What works for Taiwan, does (not)necessarily works for China,and vice versa. During the press conference for the “Piracy Out, Competitiveness Up” campaign in Taipei (Taiwan) the chief secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hung Shu-min said that Taiwan could be a model worth modelling for China in regard to bringing down business software piracy levels. […]

Cyber attacks: “Biggest Transfer of IP in History” Points To China

After eating a rat, one should stay vigilant.Photo: Tan Fugui Computer security company McAfee discovered that during a 5 year time span 72 organisation were infiltrated via the internet. Jim Finkle reports for Reuters about what Dmitri Alperovitch, McAfee Lab’s vice president of Threat Research calls “the biggest transfer of wealth in terms of intellectual property in […]

Patents in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has for many years had only a deposit-type patent system. Applicants re-register patents covering China or the UK, (including European Patents designating UK) and they are granted without substantive examination. It is a simple and cheap 2 step process. But there is a growing call for change from Hong Kong business. In the […]

IP Dragon Blogging From Singapore at Global Forum on Intellectual Property

Raffles and Fairmont (Picture Danny Friedmann) Once every other year the IP Academy of Singapore handpicks IP experts and brings them all together at the Fairmont, opposite the Raffles Hotel at the Global Forum on Intellectual Property 2011. Professor David Llewelyn made an excellent line up of speakers and IP Dragon is very happy to […]

IP Dragon’s Book Review: Invisible Gold in Asia

Professor David Llewelyn (King’s College London and IP Academy, Singapore) wrote an exceptional book that will appeal to both laypeople and IP professionals. Although Invisible Gold in Asia does not aim to be a scholarly book (for example there are no footnotes), the book could not be written by a non-scholar. For laypeople the book […]

IP Dragon Speaks at 3rd Global Forum on Intellectual Property, Singapore, January 6 and 7, 2011

IP Dragon is very honored he is invited by the IP Academy of Singapore to speak at the 3rd Global Forum on Intellectual Property, Raffles City Convention Centre, on January 6 and 7, 2011. This years theme is very actual: “Turbulent Times: Onwards and Upwards for Intellectual Property?” I am very impressed by the learned […]

China and ACTA: Why Is The Problem Not Made Part Of The Solution?

Medio December 2008 IP Dragon wrote about the controversial genesis of the China-less Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) by Japan and the US (joined by Australia, Canada, the European Union, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Switzerland) whose goal it is to stem the tide of counterfeit and pirated goods that originate for […]