Update on CYBERsitter, LLC v. The People’s Republic of China et al

Remember Green Dam Youth Escort? Short reminder: the Chinese government ordered computer manufacturers to bundle computers sold in China with software that could filter pornography by July 2009. It postponed the deadline because of pressure by foreign computer manufacturers. In August it backtracked the obligation to pre-install the software (Japanese companies Sony and Toshiba, and […]

Working Group Must Protect Against Flood of Chinese IPR Infringements of Japanese Products

Mainichi Daily News reports that Japan and the People’s Republic of China have set up a working group to address intellectual property challenges. This Sunday the working group (which consists of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Ministry and Chinese Ministry of Commerce and other institutions) will probably meet for the first time. Read […]

Promising News: China and UK Fast-Track Green Patent Applications

Today the UK will start fast-tracking green patent applications, and China will follow suit. IAM Magazine ‘s Joff Wild has a very interesting blog about it called ‘China and UK to fast-track green patent applications, according to British IP Minister‘. That could be the best news since the WIPO chose “promoting green innovation” as its theme […]

BSA Software Piracy Study: China 80 Percent; Ranks 24th Highest

Business Software Allicance (BSA) publishes its 2008 study of software piracy: May 2009, Sixth Annual BSA-IDG Software 08 Piracy Study. With 80 percent, China came in on the 24th position of the countries with the highest software piracy, causing a loss of 6,677 billion US dollar in 2008 (6,664 billion US dollar loss in 2007): […]

China and ACTA: Why Is The Problem Not Made Part Of The Solution?

Medio December 2008 IP Dragon wrote about the controversial genesis of the China-less Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) by Japan and the US (joined by Australia, Canada, the European Union, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Switzerland) whose goal it is to stem the tide of counterfeit and pirated goods that originate for […]

How do the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong relate to each other regarding IPRs

This article by Danny Friedmann (IP Dragon 知識產權龍) is also published on the website of the Netherlands Hong Kong Society and Duncan Bucknell Company, the consulting firm that specialises in global intellectual property strategy, see here and here. Since 1997, Hong Kong is part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). But the former British […]