Chinese Brands Not Cool In UK? ……… Overseas Chinese Show The Way

CoolBrands has orchestrated an expert panel and public vote to select the most cool brands in Britain. No Chinese brands in the top 20, and not even nominated. In the list of nominations one can find Wagamama, founded by Alan Yau (丘德威), the Hong Kong born London-based restaurateur, and Jimmy Choo (周仰杰), the Malaysian born London-based fashion-designer […]

National Copyright Administration and Intellectual Property Office Held Second Video Conference

National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) and Britain’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) held their second video conference in 2011 as they had agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the public could watch such a video conference? OK, I stop daydreaming. They discussed: NCAC: enforcement campaigns NCAC: third amendment of Copyright Law […]

Digital Economy Act: Google Points Finger To China, But Patent Application Points to Google

Photo: Danny FriedmannGoogle shedding crocodile tears about freedom of speech Will the real freedom of expression lover please stand up?  Just as “Digital Opportunity“, Professor Ian Hargreaves’ independent review of UK’s intellectual property law came out, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google is comparing UK’s plans on copyright enforcement with censorship in China.    He was […]

Just Sue Them! Nike Went After One End User For Ordering Chinese Counterfeit Trainers Via The Internet

Nike International Limited (Bermuda), Nike European Operations Netherlands BV and Nike UK Limited sued Mr E. Bateman for buying counterfeit trainers via the internet, in the England and Wales Patent County Court (served August 26, 2010 and heard October 11, 2010). “The goods had been shipped from unknown exporters in China and were to be […]

Anglo-Chinese Memorandum of Understanding on Copyright

Intellectual property minister Wilcox and the president of the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) Liu Binjie signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoA) on Copyright, read more on the UK Central Office of Information site here.

Vax Is Not Infringing Dyson’s Design Right?

Damian Reece wrote for the Telegraph that Dyson lost its claim in the High Court that its design right was infringed by the Mach Zen of Vax, a Chinese manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, whose design looks very similar indeed. See picture: left Dyson, right Vax. Judge for yourself. Read Mr Reece’s article for the Telegraph […]

Promising News: China and UK Fast-Track Green Patent Applications

Today the UK will start fast-tracking green patent applications, and China will follow suit. IAM Magazine ‘s Joff Wild has a very interesting blog about it called ‘China and UK to fast-track green patent applications, according to British IP Minister‘. That could be the best news since the WIPO chose “promoting green innovation” as its theme […]