Google And the Law, The Book

Did Google go too far … or is Google victim of legal lag? Yours truly had the honour to write a chapter for a very promising book called Google and the Law edited by Dr. Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella, of which I have so far only read my own chapter. But the colleagues I know are all very knowledgeable in their […]

Looking into the Back Mirror: “If I Were For Real”

If I were for real, is a 1981 Taiwanese movie (including Hong Kong teams) that was censored in Hong Kong when it was still a British crown colony, because it was deemed too critical about the privileged life of the happy few of party officials. Li Hsiao-chang (played by Alan Tam) tries to face the […]

Corrupting Our Youth One Sing Contest At A Time, and Time-Travelling Still Possible

Super girl, o boy o boy! In the year 399 BC, Socrates was sentenced to death by drinking a cup of Hemlock, because he corrupted the youth. In hind sight we hold his contribution to educate the population in high esteem. How will our progeny judge a TV programme such as Super Girl? At least […]

Innovation: “Paradoxes, Google and China”

Google and China have found each other in a marriage of convenience, in order to serve the one god they both live by: innovation. This article deals with censorship and intellectual property. Two of the biggest challenges that the internet present to the legal community. The main characters are two of the biggest actors on […]

Digital Economy Act: Google Points Finger To China, But Patent Application Points to Google

Photo: Danny FriedmannGoogle shedding crocodile tears about freedom of speech Will the real freedom of expression lover please stand up?  Just as “Digital Opportunity“, Professor Ian Hargreaves’ independent review of UK’s intellectual property law came out, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google is comparing UK’s plans on copyright enforcement with censorship in China.    He was […]

Best of Google’s White Paper: Censorship is Hurting China’s Economy

Intellectual property and market access are interdependent subjects. If there is a barrier to the free flow of information (the market access is challenged, regulated or censored when it refers to copyrighted goods), no intellectual property can be exploited and this will feed a demand for pirated works and counterfeit products. Google has problems accessing […]

Say My Name Say My Name …No Domain Name For Individuals In China

January 30th, 2010, Verna Yu wrote an interesting article for the South China Morning Post: ‘Upset Net Users Show Their Discontent On Censor’s Website’. Ms Yu wrote that the website of the government’s internet censor in Hunan was attacked by hackers, that were, allegedly unhappy applicants for website approval. The article explains that in China […]

Piracy Distributes Guns N’ Roses Album in China

Mr Dean Goodman writes for Reuters that Guns N’ Roses’ Geffen Records label is not trying to sell their new album in China, because it thinks it will not be approved by China’s censors, mainly because of its title “Chinenese D-mmocraxy”, read here. Mr Goodman: “China’s culture ministry has the final say on such matters, […]