Google And the Law, The Book

Did Google go too far … or is Google victim of legal lag? Yours truly had the honour to write a chapter for a very promising book called Google and the Law edited by Dr. Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella, of which I have so far only read my own chapter. But the colleagues I know are all very knowledgeable in their […]

Is China’s Anti-Monopoly Law Used To Get Hold Of Foreign IP?

Anti-Monopoly Law to level the playing field …or annexing the players?Photo: Danny Friedmann Today, exactly three years ago (2008), China’s Anti-monopoly Law went into effect. Since that time the Ministry of Commerce’s Anti-Monopoly Bureau has approved seven M&As conditionally of which one is most relevant in regard to IP: InBev – Anheuser Busch GM – Delphi Mitsubishi […]

Intellectual Property and Indigenous Innovation, Two Opposite Roads For Foreign IPR Holders

Photo Danny FriedmannIP and indigenous innnovationroads going in opposite directions? The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission will hold hearings on China’s intellectual property  and indigenous innovation policies on May 4th. Emphasis will be given on the consequences of these policies for the film, broadcast, and software industries. Programme:8:30 am – 8:45 am: Hearing Co-Chairs’ Opening […]

Multinationals Strengthen Their Commitment to China; But Are Scared of IPR Challenges

Booz & Company conducted a study (survey under 108 foreign invested manufacturing companies) together with the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai to see what the influence is of the economic crisis on their commitment of doing business in China. “Nearly three-fourths (73 percent) of respondents said that enforcing intellectual property protection was “important” or […]

Does China Export In Violation of License EU Train Technology Back To Europe?

Mr Philippe Mellier, CEO of Alstom Transport, the second manufacturer (after Bombardier Transportation) of high-speed trains, locomotives and metro cars, is calling on countries for a boycot of Chinese trains according to the Financial Times, here. In an interview Mr Mellier said that China was closing its domestic market; Chinese companies export trains that use […]

Word On Wednesday: The Influence of the Financial Crisis On The Enforcement of Intellectual Property In China

Getting ready for stormy weather Painting/picture Copyright Dinky 2008 What could be the impact of the financial crisis on the enforcement of intellectual property in China? Here are some hypotheses on top of my mind: Because of the financial crisis most people are afraid to spend money; the demand for counterfeit and pirated products in […]

What Does The New Chinese Patent Law Have In Store?

Mr Charles C. Liu, Partner and Director of US Practice, Unitalen Attorneys at Law and Ms Jeanne J. Liu wrote a series of four installments (originally published in China Intellectual Property, 20:44-51, 2007) about the amendment of the Chinese patent law that will probably be ready in 2008. Read here Mr Liu and Ms Liu’s […]