EU, U.S. Perception: “China Is Discriminating”. What Are We Going To Do Against It?

US: We have so manystars, we deserve to be treated accordingly in China U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is visiting China to try to smooth the Sino-Chinese relations (one can argue that the U.S. is borrowing money from China to import from China) and meet with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping (习近平) who is expected to succeed President Hu Jintao (胡锦涛) in […]

Seventy Percent of US Business in China Values Protection of IP Critically Or Very Important

The American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham-China) launched its 2010 Business Climate Survey Report. It seems here too the climate is heating up. IP relevant results are: In 2009 18 percent (company sample size 311) reported intellectual property rights infringements issues as a top-five business challenge. In 2010 this has grown to 19 percent […]

AmCham Gives Chinese Government Recommendations About Copyright Law, Trademark Law and Patent Law

American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China (AmCham-China) issued the ‘American Business in China White Paper 2009‘ last month. Pages 45-48 pdf, with pagenumbers 88-94 are about intellectual property rights protection. Read here. AmCham-China’s recommendations to the Chinese government are: “Continue the pioneering efforts of the US Embassy and government in recent years, […]

Multinationals Strengthen Their Commitment to China; But Are Scared of IPR Challenges

Booz & Company conducted a study (survey under 108 foreign invested manufacturing companies) together with the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai to see what the influence is of the economic crisis on their commitment of doing business in China. “Nearly three-fourths (73 percent) of respondents said that enforcing intellectual property protection was “important” or […]

Indian High Court Claims Jurisdiction Against Chinese Cybersquatter of ICICIGROUP.COM

Malathi Nayak of Livemint has a very interesting article about who has the jurisdiction over Chinese entities if they infringe intellectual property rights via the internet. In this case a Chinese entity had registered the domain name which is similar to First the icicibank tried to get control over the domain name by […]

AmCham to USTR: “Remove Taiwan From Special 301 Watch List”

America’s Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Taipei requested the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) to remove Taiwan from the Special 301 Watch List, a list of countries that are allegedly failing to adequately protect IPR and used as a trade tool. Carrot more effective than stick? In March, AmCham Taipei wrote a letter […]