Trend Thirsty Thursday: Made Better in China

What would you do if you knew the future? Wouldn’t you made decisions that anticipate on that future to be fully prepared? The alchemists over at have made it their business to extrapolate contemporary facts (as valuable as lead) into projections of the future (as valuable as gold). Then again, trendwatching might not be just  passively revealing existent trends, but when done in a convincing way, it is able to reinforce or create events. Probably a combination is the case with’s newest trend of the month.
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China’s Influence On Non-Trade Concerns In International Economic Law

Maastricht University, Faculty of Law Professor Paolo Farah organised with a grant from China-EU School of Law (CESL) in Beijing three conferences on China and Non-trade Issues. The first was held at the University of Turin (November 23-24, 2011), the second at Tsinghua University and the third was hosted by the Faculty of Law of […]

Wrong Reasons, Right Conclusion: Why China Imitates Western Brands

Global branding, local marketingGenuine IKEA in Hong Kong offers “lucky bamboo”Photo: Danny Friedmann Panos Mourdoukoutas, professor of economics at Long Island University, gives four reasons why China imitates Western brands. See his Forbes article here. Since I do not agree with all of them, I have given my comments below his assertions: Mourdoukoutas: 1. “A get rich […]

Innovation: “Paradoxes, Google and China”

Google and China have found each other in a marriage of convenience, in order to serve the one god they both live by: innovation. This article deals with censorship and intellectual property. Two of the biggest challenges that the internet present to the legal community. The main characters are two of the biggest actors on […]

32 Senators Urge Vice-Premier State Council to Fix IPR and Indigenous Innovation Policy in China

32 U.S. senators have sent an open letter to Wang Qishan, China’s Vice-Premier of the State Council. They urge him to use the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) to address the problems U.S. companies face in regard to: Intellectual Property Rights in China; China’s policy to favour indigenous innovation and not signing […]

IP Dragon Book Review: Poorly Made In China

Paul Midler‘s book Poorly Made in China is remarkable. He not only wrote a first hand account of the challenges companies face when they manufacture their products in China, but did it in a lucid, literary style, something you would not expect given the prosaic character of the subject. How exciting can the production of […]

JCB’s Chairman Compares China’s IPR Enforcement To Disease At Banquet With Premier Wen

Jonathan Guthrie’s article for the Financial Times about the travails of JCB, the manufacturer of loaders, forklifts etc. to survive the economic crisis, includes quotes of its chairman. This Sir Anthony Bamford allegedly said to the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao during a banquet that the unlicensed copying of Western technology by Asian manufacturers equals “cancer”. […]

What is so special about Special 301 vis-à-vis China? Part II

The previous part can be seen here: Part I. Yes, Special 301 is special, but what is rather normal? Like each sovereign state, the US tries to use its power to encourage/pressure other countries to protect its interests as long as it honours its obligations and commitments. Or as the report states: “(..) USTR works […]

What is so special about Special 301 vis-à-vis China?

Each year, since 2005, IP Dragon dealt with the annual Special 301 reports, as a ritual dance in April which had to be described concisely and quickly. Not this year. The ferociousness of the tone by some (see below Messrs. Masnick and Basheer) against the perceived lack of legitimacy, methodology and flawed content of the […]

R.I.P. Thanks To Censorship and IP Infringements Or Just Face-saving Exit? is threatening to pull out of China, because of “a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating from China that resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google.” Read the official Google blog about it here. – Of course it is not clear whether Google is bluffing? If they do, […]

Zen And the Art Of Intellectual Property in China

I love that title (remix of perfect book title: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig, which is a remix of the title Zen in the Art of Archery, by Eugen Herrigel who brought Zen to Europe after WOII), and have repeated it like a mantra. All the time I meditated until […]

Intellectual Property Rights in China

Many non-Chinese companies want to profit from the Chinese economic boom. They either want to sell their products to the 1.3 billion Chinese consumers or use the low wages to produce them. Both ways companies can anticipate some IP challenges. They’ll meet the IP Dragon. About this fierce creature I will write this blog. A […]