China Dominates Priority Watch List 2012

April 2012, the Office of the United States trade Representative published its 2012 Special 301  Report. To really nobody’s surprise China is again on the Priority Watch List, together with Algeria, Argentina, Canada, Chile, India, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine and Venezuela. Contrary to Jeff Johnson Roberts’
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Sanrio Brand Licensor Says The Darndest Things, Or Maybe Not

TGIF Peter Ollier wrote an article about how Disney and Sanrio are licensing some of their brands in China. Licensable “cuteness” popular among Hong Kong populationLanham Place, Mong KokPhoto: Danny Friedmann Roberto Lanzi, president of Sanrio Consumer Products for Europe, Middle East and Africa, was speaking at a panel called “Licensing and the flourishing region: […]

Online infringement and ISP liability

The IP Dragon hasn’t been seen for 2 weeks now. IP Komodo wonders if his cousin might return soon and is worried about the mess, especially since IP Komodo tends to leave the remains of his lunch lying around… Some interesting online IPR news IP Komodo has spotted: Chinese authors accuse Baidu, China’s biggest search […]

The Lizard’s weekly news roundup

Some of the more interesting news stories IP Komodo has spotted this week: CNN reports on the growth in counterfeit wine trade in China. Destruction of the bottles is now common practice at the auction houses, for original fine wine bottles are not reused. Label errors are a common giveaway, but recorked fine wines (putting […]

What is so special about Special 301 vis-à-vis China?

Each year, since 2005, IP Dragon dealt with the annual Special 301 reports, as a ritual dance in April which had to be described concisely and quickly. Not this year. The ferociousness of the tone by some (see below Messrs. Masnick and Basheer) against the perceived lack of legitimacy, methodology and flawed content of the […]

20th Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade Between China and US

China and the US will hold their 20th Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) in Hangzhou (Zhejiang province) on October 29th 2009. The first JCCT was established in 1983 as a forum for the two countries to discuss trade and intellectual property matters. It will be the first JCCT meeting under the Obama administration. […]

USTR in 2008 Report to Congress On China’s WTO Compliance: Still Not Satisfied After All These Years

One of the priority issues in the 115 page 2008 Report to Congress On China’s WTO Compliance, released by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in December is, unsurprisingly, the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in China. Below you will find a selection of the USTR report which shows where China has room […]

Deadline Submissions for Special Provincial Review of IPR in China Approaches

February 26, before 5 pm is the deadline for public comments concerning the locations and issues that should be the focus of a special provincial review of IPR in China. April 28, 2006 the USTR released its annual Special 301 Report and announced to conduct a special provincial review. “The goal of this review is […]

China’s TRIPs Compliance Five Years Later: What’s The Score?

Today the USTR issued the 2006 Report to Congress On China’s WTO Compliance, including nine pages (70-79) about China’s intellectual property enforcement. Nothing really surprising, but it gives an overview of China’s compliance with TRIPs through the eyes of the USTR. Pages 96-99, about the legal framework, including transparency, uniform application of laws and judicial […]