Online infringement and ISP liability

The IP Dragon hasn’t been seen for 2 weeks now. IP Komodo wonders if his cousin might return soon and is worried about the mess, especially since IP Komodo tends to leave the remains of his lunch lying around… Some interesting online IPR news IP Komodo has spotted: Chinese authors accuse Baidu, China’s biggest search […]

Why Kaixin001 Might Not Be Too Happy About Its Victory Over Oak Pacific Interactive

Social media site Kaixin001‘s content was copyied by Oak Pacific Interactive (who owns social media site Ren Ren). It was put online under the domain name Kaxin. Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court ruled that Oak Pacific Interactive should pay to Kaixin001 400,000 RMB as compensation for damages, remove the copied content and stop using […]

China Appeals WTO DS 363 About Market Access of Copyrighted Goods

China is appealing the panel decision DS 363 (Measures affecting trading rights and distribution services for certain publications and audiovisual entertainment products) by the Dispute Settlement Body, in which many of the US allegations were uphold. According to the BBC, no documents with the grounds for the appeal have been released, yet. How does a […]

Well Known and Less Known Aspects Of Well-Known Marks

In the USTR 2008 Report to Congress on China’s WTO compliance on page 4, one can read the following remarkable sentence: “…the promotion of famous Chinese brands of merchandise using what appear to be prohibited forms of financial support, …” So it appears to be a prohibited form of financial support, but the USTR is […]