Well Known and Less Known Aspects Of Well-Known Marks

In the USTR 2008 Report to Congress on China’s WTO compliance on page 4, one can read the following remarkable sentence: “…the promotion of famous Chinese brands of merchandise using what appear to be prohibited forms of financial support, …” So it appears to be a prohibited form of financial support, but the USTR is […]

Comments on Judicial Interpretations of Determination of Well-Known Trademark

Mr Jing ‘Brad’ Luo, JD candidate, May 2009 at the SMU Dedman School of Law and Professor Shubha Ghosh at the University of Wisconsin Madison, School of Law, wrote a paper about the subject called: ‘Protection and Enforcement of Well-Known Mark Rights in China: History, Theory and Future. Read messrs. Luo and Ghosh’s paper here […]