Music Industry Alert: Dissonant Draft of China’s Copyright Law Might Change Tune

Articles 46 and 48 draft version of the amendment of the Copyright Law of March 2012 sounded false in the ears of many musicians in China and abroad. After their respective protests and that of music industry interest groups the National Copyright Association of China (NCA) has decided to revise the draft before the end of the month.



What is all the noise about? ….



In ancient China there was a sophisticated alarm system with drums and flags to warn of approaching danger

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Your Opinion On Draft Regulations on Patent Agency Please

On March 4, 1991 the State Council promulgated the Regulations on Patent Commissioning, which became effective on April 1, 1991, see here. In China’s 2006 Action Plan of IPR Protection, it announced its plan to revise the Regulations on Patent “in order to standardize the conduct of patent agents, safeguard the normal order of the […]

Comments on Judicial Interpretations of Determination of Well-Known Trademark

Mr Jing ‘Brad’ Luo, JD candidate, May 2009 at the SMU Dedman School of Law and Professor Shubha Ghosh at the University of Wisconsin Madison, School of Law, wrote a paper about the subject called: ‘Protection and Enforcement of Well-Known Mark Rights in China: History, Theory and Future. Read messrs. Luo and Ghosh’s paper here […]

Patent Law Draft About to be Adopted: How Will Patent Law Change?

China Daily’s reports via People’s Daily that China’s third revision of its patent law is drafted. On July 31, 2006 SIPO promulgated the Draft of Amendments to the Patent Law for public comments. Draft amendments to the law were handed to the State Council for deliberation on December 27, according to the State Intellectual Property […]