Does Changsha Windows of the World Infringe Angry Birds’ IPRs

The online game Angry Bird is a hit but as China Hearsay’s Stan Abram notices not only online. He is asking whether the software developer of Angry Birds, Rovio, should not become well, angry when its IPRs are being infringed in China (most probably also at the Windows of the World Park in Changsha, Hunan […]

Press Conference: DaVinci Furniture GM’s Nose Grows Longer Than Pinocchio’s

Honest Pinnocchio by Mike He, a Chinese designer“It is your pencil that makes him lie” Source: Yatzer One night, the wood carver Geppetto general manager DaVinci furniture Panzhuang Xiahua had a dream. He She dreamed that the marionette would come to life company would import high quality furniture from Italy. Well it seems now exactly that, just a dream. […]

Shake or Crush Your Hand: Huawei versus ZTE versus Huawei

Photo: Danny FriedmannShake Or Crush Your Hand, you choose.  What if you are developing a product but your competitor has patented some technology needed to achieve the technical result? And at the same time you have some patents that you know you competitor likes to use? You might consider to cross-license. However, from a patent […]

More Chinese Trademarks More Vehicles of Innovation = More Innovation?

China Hearsay’s Stan Abrams takes a critical look at statistics about trademark registrations in China. He is rightly filleting the alleged relationship between increased trademark registrations and a growing awareness of trademark protection among Chinese entreprises, read more here. However it could be said that the growth of trademark registrations in China would indicate two […]

Is It a Plane? Is It a Bird? No It is the Bleagle! Made in China

Stan Abrams of the China Hearsay (which has been totally upgraded) reports straing from the INTA in Boston about … Geely’s Gleagle. Mr Abrams is giving his always entertaining thoughts about trademarks that consist of made-up words. Read more here.

WTO Report DS362

We have been waiting even before 10 April 2007, because a dispute between the US and the People’s Republic of China regarding the protection and enforcement of intellectual property in China, was in the air. Finally the WTO panel published their conclusion on 26 January 2009, read here. So first who were the honorable WTO […]

Well Known and Less Known Aspects Of Well-Known Marks

In the USTR 2008 Report to Congress on China’s WTO compliance on page 4, one can read the following remarkable sentence: “…the promotion of famous Chinese brands of merchandise using what appear to be prohibited forms of financial support, …” So it appears to be a prohibited form of financial support, but the USTR is […]

Wanfang Data Accused of Unauthorised Inclusion of Dissertations

480 accademics have accused Wanfang Data of including their dissertation without any permission in the database “Disseratations of China” that was offered to libraries. To make a work public without authorisation and to copy a work without authorisation is both copyright infringment. At the Beijing Chaoyang People’s Court the accademics demand a public apology from […]