Shenzhen Intellectual Property Index Starts Before Hong Kong’s

Race has only just begun, everything is still possible… Congratulations to Shenzhen with its own IP Index. There is a fierce competition going on between Asian cities to become the IP hub of Asia. And have your own IP index is conducive to attain this goal. For Hong Kong, with its peculiar patent system, read here, the competition […]

Shake or Crush Your Hand: Huawei versus ZTE versus Huawei

Photo: Danny FriedmannShake Or Crush Your Hand, you choose.  What if you are developing a product but your competitor has patented some technology needed to achieve the technical result? And at the same time you have some patents that you know you competitor likes to use? You might consider to cross-license. However, from a patent […]

HKPC Grants 100 mln HK Dollar: But What Is So Innovative About A Reverse-Engineered Seat For An Outdated Plane?

2 articles to go: IP Dragon on its way to its 1000th article Jake van der Kamp, columnist of Jake’s View in the South China Morning Post is filleting Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)’s decision to grant 10 million HK dollar from the Innovation and Technology Fund to reverse engineer economy class seats for the […]

Swiss Watches: 50 Percent Chinese, 50 Percent Swiss

When can you call a watch a Swiss watch? According to the Swiss law (Verordnung vom 23. Dezember 1971 über die Benützung des Schweizer Namens für Uhren) when: – its movement is Swiss, cased up in Switzerland and the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland. – a watch movement is Swiss if the […]