Swiss Watches: 50 Percent Chinese, 50 Percent Swiss

When can you call a watch a Swiss watch? According to the Swiss law (Verordnung vom 23. Dezember 1971 über die Benützung des Schweizer Namens für Uhren) when: – its movement is Swiss, cased up in Switzerland and the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland. – a watch movement is Swiss if the […]

Inside the Dragon’s Den: Observations from a Counterfeit Watch Factory

Shenzhen based journalist and blogger (Shenzhen Zen) Justin Mitchell embedded himself for online publication Asia Sentinel inside a counterfeit watch factory in Shenzhen that sells them under brands such as Rolex, Seiko, Omega, Fossil and Tag Heuer, BMW, Bacardi, Dunhill, and the Beijing Olympics characters. Mitchell describes the working conditions under which the counterfeit products […]