Prof. Mercurio: In Analyzing IPR in China One Should Distinguish Between Trademark, Copyright and Patent Law

Professor Bryan Mercurio, specialist in international economic law, with particular expertise in WTO law, free trade agreements and the intersection between international trade and intellectual property law and Associate Dean of Chinese University of Hong Kong, has written an interesting brief: ‘The Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property in China since Accession to the WTO: […]

Trend Thirsty Thursday: Made Better in China

What would you do if you knew the future? Wouldn’t you made decisions that anticipate on that future to be fully prepared? The alchemists over at have made it their business to extrapolate contemporary facts (as valuable as lead) into projections of the future (as valuable as gold). Then again, trendwatching might not be just  passively revealing existent trends, but when done in a convincing way, it is able to reinforce or create events. Probably a combination is the case with’s newest trend of the month.
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Sex, Lies And The Right of Integrity of the Grimm Brothers’ Heirs

The (Hong Kong ) Standard has an Agence France-Press article ‘Sex-crazed dwarfs get pulled‘ about China Friendship Publishing Company and China Media Time that copied the erotic adaption of the Grimm brothers’ Fairy Tales by the Japanese duo Kiryu Misao. Three comments to this racy story: 1. The excuse of Yuan, a China Media Time […]

More Chinese Trademarks More Vehicles of Innovation = More Innovation?

China Hearsay’s Stan Abrams takes a critical look at statistics about trademark registrations in China. He is rightly filleting the alleged relationship between increased trademark registrations and a growing awareness of trademark protection among Chinese entreprises, read more here. However it could be said that the growth of trademark registrations in China would indicate two […]

Hotlines IPR in China

IPR Focus of has announced that legal aid centres on IPR will participate in the ‘Special Campaign on Combating IPR Infringement and Manufacture and Sales of Counterfeiting and Shoddy Commodities’ via the following phone numbers: 12330: specialised public benefit hotline which provides IP-related legal aid and receives complaints “with quick response and serious attitude”; […]

Another Mass IPR Campaign in China: Groundhog Day All Over Again

China’s Ministry of Culture announced that it has launched an IPR campaign that cracks down on counterfeit products and needs to raise awareness about IPR protection. It focuses on karaoke bars, websites, online-games, internet cares, animation and artistic products. Read the Xinhua article via People’s Daily Online here. Sounds familiar As you might have already […]

IP Dragon’s Book Review: Invisible Gold in Asia

Professor David Llewelyn (King’s College London and IP Academy, Singapore) wrote an exceptional book that will appeal to both laypeople and IP professionals. Although Invisible Gold in Asia does not aim to be a scholarly book (for example there are no footnotes), the book could not be written by a non-scholar. For laypeople the book […]

Film Work Collective Copyright Management Use Fee Transfer Payment Rules

Remember that the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) promulgated rules for operators of internet cafes, planes, trains and automobiles have to start pay royalties for showing Chinese movies to the China Film Copyright Association. Read Hard Choice? Chinese Internet Café Owners/Transport Operators Can Choose Paying for Chinese Movies Or Using Free Pirated Movies. IP […]

SOSFakeFlash Cannot Forget: “Fighting Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World”

SOSFakeFlash, is an interesting initiative. It is a site fighting “Toward a Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss” where people can report vendors of fake flash USB drives and MP players.For example according to SOSFakeFlash liaoqin_25688, registered in China, is an eBay seller of counterfeit Flash USB […]

JCB’s Chairman Compares China’s IPR Enforcement To Disease At Banquet With Premier Wen

Jonathan Guthrie’s article for the Financial Times about the travails of JCB, the manufacturer of loaders, forklifts etc. to survive the economic crisis, includes quotes of its chairman. This Sir Anthony Bamford allegedly said to the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao during a banquet that the unlicensed copying of Western technology by Asian manufacturers equals “cancer”. […]

Intellectual Property Rights in China

Many non-Chinese companies want to profit from the Chinese economic boom. They either want to sell their products to the 1.3 billion Chinese consumers or use the low wages to produce them. Both ways companies can anticipate some IP challenges. They’ll meet the IP Dragon. About this fierce creature I will write this blog. A […]