Fangchenggang Fairytale: How a Magic Mercedes-Benz Became A Humble Honda

Adam Smith dedicated his World Trademark Review blog about a Mercedes-Benz police car with a Honda logo. The local Fangchenggang police force (in Guanxi province) thought that they could fool taxpayers into believing that they did not spent too much money on a police car. Read here. I think everybody understands that the police needs […]

TGIF, But What Happened To This Author’s Moral Rights On The Site?

星期五: Friday Thank Goodness It’s Friday I just finished a blog post on Professor Ken Shao’s interesting article, see here, which ironically is about morality in copyright, and now I see his article republished on the site of Intellectual Property Protection in China Copyright battles shouldn’t be fought for the wrong reasons. The source “Global […]

After 44 Years Chinese Lovers of Literature Can Legally Buy “One Hundred Years Of Solitude”

Photo Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara  Some rights reserved TGIF Zhang Lei wrote a nice article for the Global Times about Thinkingdomhouse, a publisher who achieved to get a copyright license for China from Nobel Prize for Literature laureate Gabriel García Márquez to publish his masterpiece ‘One hundred years of solitude’ (Cien años de soledad). […]

Sex, Lies And The Right of Integrity of the Grimm Brothers’ Heirs

The (Hong Kong ) Standard has an Agence France-Press article ‘Sex-crazed dwarfs get pulled‘ about China Friendship Publishing Company and China Media Time that copied the erotic adaption of the Grimm brothers’ Fairy Tales by the Japanese duo Kiryu Misao. Three comments to this racy story: 1. The excuse of Yuan, a China Media Time […]

Trademark/Copyright Use or Abuse: Coca-Cola in Hong Kong

Do you think this use of the trademark should be allowed. “Immoral to drink sweat and blood. Coca-Cola.” Photo taken from the wall at Franklin Centre at CUHK Campus in Shatin, Hong Kong. It is in protest against alleged bad labour conditions at the Coca-Cola plant. One could argue that the copyright (moral right of […]