Trademark/Copyright Use or Abuse: Coca-Cola in Hong Kong

Do you think this use of the trademark should be allowed. “Immoral to drink sweat and blood. Coca-Cola.” Photo taken from the wall at Franklin Centre at CUHK Campus in Shatin, Hong Kong. It is in protest against alleged bad labour conditions at the Coca-Cola plant. One could argue that the copyright (moral right of […]

Ms Pagnattaro Does Not Keep It A Secret How To Protect Your Trade Secret In China

Marisa Anne Pagnattaro wrote a very good paper: ‘‘‘The Google Challenge’’: Enforcement of Noncompete and Trade Secret Agreements for Employees Working in China’, American Business Law Journal Volume 44, Issue 4, 603–637, Winter 2007. If you don’t need to share a product, idea or ingredient with the world, then don’t. Keep it a business secret, […]

Youku Fingerprints Against Copyright Piracy and Can Advertisers Be Liable Too?

Loretta Chao wrote a good article for the WSJ (Asian edition April 21, 2010) about and its efforts to clean up its act toward copyrights. is the most popular video site in China (15.7 million unique daily visitors according to iResearch), followed by (12 million), (9.8 million) and (5 million). […]

Trademarks in China: Nomen Est Omen

Stan Abrams of China Hearsay fame blogged about why the car manufacturer SAIC choose for the name Roewe and how to pronounce that name. He contemplates that: “As a Chinese brand, the English name is of secondary importance. However, if you’re going to use the English brand prominently (and they do), you gotta give it […]