Ms Pagnattaro Does Not Keep It A Secret How To Protect Your Trade Secret In China

Marisa Anne Pagnattaro wrote a very good paper: ‘‘‘The Google Challenge’’: Enforcement of Noncompete and Trade Secret Agreements for Employees Working in China’, American Business Law Journal Volume 44, Issue 4, 603–637, Winter 2007. If you don’t need to share a product, idea or ingredient with the world, then don’t. Keep it a business secret, […]

Exxon Mobil Wins 500,000 RMB Because of Trademark Infringement

Parties: Plaintiff Exxon Mobil; defendants: American Mobil International Petroleum Group and Xi’an Yanqing Technology Development Co. Dispute: “defendants registered web addresses that included the Chinese characters for ‘Mobil’.” Probably with this is meant the characters 美孚 (mei3 = good, beautiful; fu2 = confidence, trust) and not the Chinese characters that translate mobil, because this word […]