Is American Superconductor Fighting Chinese Windmills?

Don Quixote:      “Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho,                thirty or forty hulking giants?” Sancho Panza:  “What giants?” In Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes’ masterpiece (1605 part I, 1615 part II) Cervantes wrote that Quixote was tilting at windmills, because he thought they were ferocious giants. […]

Chinese Trade Secret Cases via Internet Might Be Tip of The Iceberg

Foreign Spies Stealing US Secrets In Cyberspace, Report to Congress on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage 2009-2011 is published this October, see here. In the report both China and Russia were named as the most important culprits in the area of misappropriation of intellectual property and stealing trade secrets. The reports confirms that data […]

Guest Column: Eddie Tao’s Reflections on Working for Apple, Steve Jobs, Inspiration, Innovation and Intellectual Property

Eddie Tao: “Co-design is not how Apple likes to work.” Dear readers of IP Dragon, IP Dragon (aka Danny), a long time friend of mine asked me to consider writing some notes about the latest news about Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. Danny and I met at Chinese school in Amsterdam, NL. While Danny worked his way […]

Is China Copying Black Hawk Helicopter Technology That Crashed Into Bin Laden’s Backyard?

“Why are you flying above me?””“Keep flying, you are my stealth technology.” Isn’t it the dream of each intelligence service that the state, military and trade secrets literally fly and crash upon your territory? This dream came true for the intelligence services in Pakistan when a US stealth helicopter Black Hawk crashed into the backyard […]

Cyber attacks: “Biggest Transfer of IP in History” Points To China

After eating a rat, one should stay vigilant.Photo: Tan Fugui Computer security company McAfee discovered that during a 5 year time span 72 organisation were infiltrated via the internet. Jim Finkle reports for Reuters about what Dmitri Alperovitch, McAfee Lab’s vice president of Threat Research calls “the biggest transfer of wealth in terms of intellectual property in […]

The Lay-Out of the Magic Kingdom in Shanghai Wrapped Up in a Trade Secret

“One rat will invite his friend” In November 2009 the Chinese government approved that Shanghai would get its own Disneyland and even the first Disney resort in China. Hong Kong was not amused, because as of 2016 Hong Kong will no longer be the exclusive gate to the Magic Kingdom in China. Brady MacDonald wrote for […]

Did BAIC Know It Was Joyriding With Ford’s Trade Secrets?

8 articles to go: IP Dragon on its way to its 1000th article November 17, 2010 Xiang Dong Yu, an automobile engineer who worked for Ford Motor Corporation from 1997-2007, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft of trade secrets, as was announced by the Department of Justice of the Eastern District of Michigan. Between […]

Ms Pagnattaro Does Not Keep It A Secret How To Protect Your Trade Secret In China

Marisa Anne Pagnattaro wrote a very good paper: ‘‘‘The Google Challenge’’: Enforcement of Noncompete and Trade Secret Agreements for Employees Working in China’, American Business Law Journal Volume 44, Issue 4, 603–637, Winter 2007. If you don’t need to share a product, idea or ingredient with the world, then don’t. Keep it a business secret, […]

Economic Espionage Case Against Suspects Allegedly Sponsored By China

The time that the Russians were the only bad guys in James Bond movies or John le Carré books is over. Jaikumar Vijayan has written an interesting article for Computerworld called ‘Trial set to begin in economic espionage case involving China’. The suspects that allegedly stole secrets from Netlogic Microsystems are prosecuted under the Economic […]

What Has Labour Contract Law in China to do with IP?

According to article 39 TRIPs undisclosed information, including trade secrets, shall be protected by the WTO members, including China. Now Steven Dickenson of the prolific China Law Blog wrote an article for China International Business about China’s new labour contract law, which will go into effect on January 1, 2008. So what is relevant to […]

Ohio Senator Says The Darndest Things About IP Enforcement And Introduced Section 522

“I think it’s extremely important to let the world know, that we have a group of people that gets up early in the morning and goes to bed late at night that are enforcing our intellectual property right laws.” Sounds very deterrent indeed. See a video of Mr. Voinovich saying these darndest things here. However, […]