Bear and Dragon Try the Water for Fast Patent Examination Stream

After the U.S.A (USPTO)., Germany (DPMA), Korean (KIPO) and Japan (JPO), Russia might become the fifth country to have a patent prosecution highway with China.


State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)’s commissioner Tian Lipu signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Boris Simonov, director general of the Intellectual Property Office of the Russian Federation (RFIPO) on a pilot of a patent examination highway between SIPO and RFIPO.

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Chinese Trade Secret Cases via Internet Might Be Tip of The Iceberg

Foreign Spies Stealing US Secrets In Cyberspace, Report to Congress on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage 2009-2011 is published this October, see here. In the report both China and Russia were named as the most important culprits in the area of misappropriation of intellectual property and stealing trade secrets. The reports confirms that data […]

Cherkizovsky Market Closed Because of Counterfeit and Pirated Goods From China

Cherkizovsky Market, Russia’s biggest market was closed down after discovery of more than 6,000 containers of counterfeit and pirated goods from China worth US$ 2 billion. The market was described by Russia Today (RT) as a “country within a country”. Read RT’s article and watch their video about it here. Global Times, China’s other official […]

China and Russia Sign Intellectual Property Agreement For Military-Technical Cooperation

According to a translation by RIA Novosti of the Russian newspapers Vedomosti and Kommersant, the Russian-Chinese inter-governmental commission for military-technical cooperation met in Beijing for the first time in the past three years to sign an agreement on copyright [what is probably meant is intellectual property, including copyright IP Dragon] protection in the field of […]