Bear and Dragon Try the Water for Fast Patent Examination Stream

After the U.S.A (USPTO)., Germany (DPMA), Korean (KIPO) and Japan (JPO), Russia might become the fifth country to have a patent prosecution highway with China.


State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)’s commissioner Tian Lipu signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Boris Simonov, director general of the Intellectual Property Office of the Russian Federation (RFIPO) on a pilot of a patent examination highway between SIPO and RFIPO.

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Netac President Complains About Unequal Treatment Overseas Patents

Netac Technology, the first Chinese company that sued a U.S. company (Texas PNY Technologies)  for patent infringement in 2006, and which settled out of court, expects that it has protected its IPR in all important markets by 2015. Cheng Xiao-hua, president of Netac Technology alleges that it often takes a Chinese firm much longer to obtain […]

Almost One Million Patent Applications in China in 2009

China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) reports the following statistics: 976,686 patent applications (up 17.9%) 877,611 domestic (89.9% and up 22.4%) 99,075 from abroad (10.1%, down 10.9%) 229,096 invention-patents (up 17.7%) 308,861 utility model-patents (up 37.9%) 339,654 design-patents (up 13.7%) 581,992 granted patents (up 41.2%) 501,786 patent granted to domestic filers (86.2%, up 42.4%) 80,206 […]