Netac President Complains About Unequal Treatment Overseas Patents

Netac Technology, the first Chinese company that sued a U.S. company (Texas PNY Technologies)  for patent infringement in 2006, and which settled out of court, expects that it has protected its IPR in all important markets by 2015. Cheng Xiao-hua, president of Netac Technology alleges that it often takes a Chinese firm much longer to obtain […]

China Higher and Higher in PCT Applications’ Heaven

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published statistics of the number of Patent Convention Treaty (international patent) applications worldwide. China’s PCT applications from 2008 to 2009 rose an estimated 29.7%, to 7,946 applications, estimated for 2009. The top PCT applicants of 2009 include two Chinese providers of telecommunication and network solutions: Rank 2: Huawei Technologies […]

Almost One Million Patent Applications in China in 2009

China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) reports the following statistics: 976,686 patent applications (up 17.9%) 877,611 domestic (89.9% and up 22.4%) 99,075 from abroad (10.1%, down 10.9%) 229,096 invention-patents (up 17.7%) 308,861 utility model-patents (up 37.9%) 339,654 design-patents (up 13.7%) 581,992 granted patents (up 41.2%) 501,786 patent granted to domestic filers (86.2%, up 42.4%) 80,206 […]

Huawei Top PCT Applicant 2008; China Sixth Largest User of PCT

The People’s Republic of China has the ambition to shift its manufacturing based economy to a knowledge based economy. Therefore Chinese companies need to innovate, and protect their innovations by patents, internationally. If a company registers its patent in one country, it is only protected in that country. Therefore companies need to register their patents […]

PCT International Applications: China Ranks Number 7, Huawei Ranks Number 4

A WIPO press release stated the following statistics: Again China is part of the top 10 countries that had the most PCT (Patent Convention Treaty) international applications. 2003 1,295 2004 1,706 2005 2,503 2006 3,952 2007 5,456 In 2007 China’s PCT International applications were 3.5 percent of all PCT international applications; between 2006 and 2007 […]