Is China Copying Black Hawk Helicopter Technology That Crashed Into Bin Laden’s Backyard?

“Why are you flying above me?””“Keep flying, you are my stealth technology.” Isn’t it the dream of each intelligence service that the state, military and trade secrets literally fly and crash upon your territory? This dream came true for the intelligence services in Pakistan when a US stealth helicopter Black Hawk crashed into the backyard […]

China and Russia Sign Intellectual Property Agreement For Military-Technical Cooperation

According to a translation by RIA Novosti of the Russian newspapers Vedomosti and Kommersant, the Russian-Chinese inter-governmental commission for military-technical cooperation met in Beijing for the first time in the past three years to sign an agreement on copyright [what is probably meant is intellectual property, including copyright IP Dragon] protection in the field of […]

Total Makeover in Guiyu: “Recycling” Old Commercial Microchips As New Military Microchips

Messrs. Brian Grow, Chi-Chu Tschang, Cliff Edwards and Brian Burnsed wrote the BusinessWeek article ‘Dangerous Fakes’ about old commercially grade microchips that are salvaged from discarded circuit boards and sold as military grade microships. They reported from Guiyu, Guangdong province, China:“Old chips are burned from circuit boards, workers wash them in the local river and […]