Guest Column: Eddie Tao’s Reflections on Working for Apple, Steve Jobs, Inspiration, Innovation and Intellectual Property

Eddie Tao: “Co-design is not how Apple likes to work.” Dear readers of IP Dragon, IP Dragon (aka Danny), a long time friend of mine asked me to consider writing some notes about the latest news about Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs. Danny and I met at Chinese school in Amsterdam, NL. While Danny worked his way […]

Guest Blogger Mathijs van Basten Batenburg On The People’s Courts of China

IP Dragon asked Matthijs van Basten Batenburg legal counsel of several Chinese and Dutch SME at MvBB Ltd. in Shanghai to write a guest column. IP Dragon does not necessarily agree with the content, but wants to present a forum for all opinions that have something to do with IPR in China. Inside a Chinese […]

“A new dawn for the China health-care or… Grand theft IP?”

Guest article and picture by Mikołaj Rogowski Back in January, Chinese government announced another one of its subsidies. This time around public health-care is the target and a sum of $128 billion is the weapon. It is no secret that it is another of Beijing’s measures of calming the nation during the year of the […]